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Almost ALL Men will be Affected by ED at some point in life.

So How Can You Find Something that Really Helps?

Keep Reading and We'll Shed a Little Light on What's Really Going on for Most Guys Down There.

When it comes to male enhancement supplements and ED supplements, it’s difficult to know what’s really going to make a difference . . . until now.


We help you understand what makes a male enhancement supplement work so you understand a little better about what makes a difference and what doesn’t.

If you want to understand what makes a male enhancement so effective, keep reading.

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Millions of Men Struggle in the Bedroom and . . .

For most men, aging is to blame. But it’s not aging specifically that is causing the problem.

You see, as you age, your body reduces the amount of nitric oxide it produces. That’s important because nitric oxide is the key molecule for your blood flow. And all guys know, if there’s no blood flow, there’s no chance of performing.

Even the most popular prescription medications rely on nitric oxide to help improve your sexual health concerns.

But You Don’t Have to Have a Prescription to Increase Nitric Oxide Levels.

That’s exactly right! Nature has provided the keys men need to safely and naturally overcome any problems associated with ED or sexual dysfunction.

What it Really Takes to See Improvement . . .

The amino acids l-arginine and l-citrulline help the body produce more nitric oxide and in turn improve your circulation to help you perform at your peak no matter your age.

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So now you understand what it takes to get an ED supplement or male enhancement supplement that really works, you could begin searching the internet for a product with enough l-arginine and l-citrulline in it.

Or you could take the recommendation we make here and be on your way to improved performance without a prescription.

And you don’t even just have to take our word for it, we’ve compiled reviews from men just like you who have seen the difference the #1 product can make.

Millions struggle with their health and don't know what to do about it.

Traditional Solutions Can Offer Relief but Often Come with Side Effects

Some People Give Up and Struggle with Poor Health on a Daily Basis

So what’s the best option for men looking to perfect their performance and please their partner?

Let Us Introduce L-arginine Plus®!

L-arginine Plus® is the most powerful formula to boost nitric oxide because it offers more l-arginine and more l-citrulline in each serving than any other supplement.

It’s the l-arginine and l-citrulline that fuel nitric oxide production and improve your circulation so you can overcome any problems you’re having in the bedroom.

Wouldn’t it be nice if . . .

  •  You Could Get the Sexual Support without the Side Effects?
  • You Could Feel Healthy and Energized with a Natural Approach?
  •  You Could be Sexual Healthy and Perform When You Want?

Well, This is a Solution You Can Count On or You Get Your Money Back

Scientists have discovered the key to better sexual health, especially as we age, and it’s nitric oxide liek we mention above. Nitric oxide is a key molecule that signals key functions within the body related to your circulation. Unfortunately, as we age the body produces less and less nitric oxide by itself. It's the same substance the most popularly advertised treatments utilize to improve your sexual health and function.

Increasing Nitric Oxide is Your KEY TO BETTER SEXUAL HEALTH

Increasing nitric oxide supports healthy blood pressure, supports healthy cholesterol, increases energy levels, boosts muscle development, supports the immune system, support healthy sexual vigor and vitality and improves performance while improving just about every aspect of your health.

If It's Time for You to Improve Your Sexual Health, It's Time for L-arginine Plus®

L-arginine Plus® Safely Increases Nitric Oxide to Improve Your Sexual Health.

L-arginine Plus®, based on Nobel Prize Winning Advancements, naturally improves your sexual health by increasing your nitric oxide levels. Nitric oxide is a key molecule that helps support your health by opening the blood vessels and supports healthy blood pressure.

L-arginine Plus® is a proven combination of natural l-arginine, natural l-citrulline along with key vitamins and minerals for unmatched support when it comes to your blood pressure, heart and overall health. ​

Your Key to Better Health is Here

  1. 100% Natural Formula: L-arginine Plus® is an all-natural formula you can count on to support your health without any side effects. 
  2. Doctor-Recommended Formula: More and more doctors are recommending L-arginine Plus®. 
  3. 100% Money-Back Guarantee: Every order comes with a 100% 90-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you aren't satisfied with the results you get from taking L-arginine Plus®, we'll give you your money back.
2 Bottles the Best L-arginine Supplement

Get the #1 L-arginine Plus® Cardio Health Formula

L-arginine Plus

L-arginine Plus® is based on a Nobel Prize winning medical breakthrough and the discovery of nitric oxide, which some consider the most important advancement in the fight to maintain healthy circulation and sexual health!

Each serving comes with 5110mg of L-arginine and 1010mg of L-citrulline combine with vitamins and minerals to support your sexual health and circulation. 

L-Arginine Plus® Supplement Facts

Serving: 1 level scoop (12.7 g)

Servings Per Container: 30

Amount Per Serving

% DV

Calories 35

Total Carbohydrates



Vitamin C



Vitamin D3



Vitamin K



Vitamin B6






Vitamin B12












Red Wine Extract






Proprietary Blend of
72 Trace Minerals



*%DV are based on a 2000 calorie diet
**Daily value not established

Other ingredients: Citric Acid, Xylitol, Sweta, Calcium Silicate, Natural Grape Flavor, and Natural Colors

What Makes L-arginine Plus® Different Makes L-Arginine Plus the MOST EFFECTIVE L-arginine Supplement available. 

L-arginine Plus® is more than simple l-arginine powder. You get a combination of l-arginine, l-citrulline, vitamins and minerals that act quickly and powerfully to fight everything that prevents you from performing and your peak. You'll get more of what makes a difference so you get results faster. You won't find another product out there that offers all you get with L-arginine Plus®.  

See what some of our customers have to say:

"Made me a Champion in the Bedroom"

"All I can say is this product has made me a champion in the bedroom. I guess it really widens those blood vessels. It helped lower my blood pressure too. I've been using this brand for 3 years."

Robert E. Posted on Amazon

"Helps with my Drive"

"All I can say is, it works. Taken in the morning (about 6 ounces) gives me a great boost and also helps with my drive. Every metabolism is different but, I don't have any complaints. The directions say take twice a day. I only took it once in the morning and it worked."

Isaac Stewart Posted on Amazon

"Definitely Getting the Blood Flowing in all the Right Places!!!"

Great Stuff!!! I really enjoy the benefits of this product! Not sure what its doing for my heart exactly, but it definitely is getting the blood flowing in all the right places!!! when I stopped it for a few months, I can really tell the difference in the bedroom. So I keep it stocked always now!

Mike Posted on Amazon

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More Nitric Oxide to Deliver Real Health Benefits Every Day

L-arginine Plus® increases nitric oxide throughout the body while it improves nutrient delivery. And that means you’ll feel healthier, younger and more vigor with a healthier sexual appetite than ever before.

It’s a natural approach . . . and it’s 100% GUARANTEED to work or you get your money back.

What Do You Get with L-arginine Plus®?

L-arginine Plus® is a natural formula that features key amino acids along with vitamins and minerals that offer powerful support for your sexual health. 

Ready to Improve Your Sexual Health? Get the #1 Rated L-arginine Plus® Today!

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"Your body has a powerful internal recycling system. Why not give it the materials it needs to function at its best—especially L-arginine and L-citrulline?” - Dr. Louis Ignarro

P.S.: We're fully confident L-arginine Plus® can help improve your health and that's why your order is covered by our guarantee. If you do have any questions, or would like to order directly by phone, please call us at 800-583-8004 and we would be happy to help you today. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is L-arginine Plus® Exactly?

L-arginine Plus® is a powdered drink mix that mixes with water. Each bottle of L-arginine Plus® contains 30 servings of the #1 Doctor-Recommended Formula for your heart health. 

Q. What are the Ingredients in L-arginine Plus® that Make it Stand Out?

L-arginine Plus® combines a powerful and unique combination of amino acids, vitamins and minerals to help support your heart health and overall health. Each serving of L-arginine Plus® includes: Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Vitamin K, Vitamin B6, Folate, Vitamin B12, Magnesium, L-arginine, L-Citrulline, Red Wine Extract, Astragin, 72 Trace Minerals.

Q. Why Does L-arginine Plus® also Have L-Citrulline?

L-arginine acts quickly to increase nitric oxide production while L-citrulline is converted into L-arginine and then helps create nitric oxide for an extended period of time. By combining both amino acids, you get longer-lasting benefits of increasing nitric oxide. 

Q. What is AstraGin and How Does it Help Me?

Astragin is a patented absorption enhancing ingredient proven in dozens of clinical studies to increase the effectiveness and absorption of amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Astragin is a 100% natural food ingredient used by some of the most recognized supplement companies in the world. 

Q. Is L-arginine Plus® Made Only for Men?

L-arginine Plus® can be utilized by both men and women. L-arginine Plus® works to increase nitric oxide for men and women and offers similar benefits for both. 

Q. Does L-arginine Plus® Help with ED and Sexual Health?

By increasing blood flow, L-arginine Plus® has been shown to help both men and women get the support they're looking for in the bedroom. By expanding the blood vessels, L-arginine Plus® makes it possible for men to get support with ED. 

Q. Are there Any Side Effects that Come with Taking L-arginine Plus®?

L-arginine Plus® is a safe, side-effect free formula developed to be used as much as twice a day. When used as directed, L-arginine Plus® can be taken without side effects. Of course, individual health varies and some minor stomach discomfort may occur in some individuals. 

Q. Does L-arginine Plus® Work for Everyone?

L-arginine Plus® has been shown to be more than 98% effective. However, some individuals are not satisfied with their results and that's why we offer a 100% money back guarantee. You can try L-arginine Plus® completely risk free and if you are like a very small percentage of customers, you can return your order for a complete refund within 90 days. 

Q. Can I Take Blood Pressure Medications while Taking L-arginine Plus®?

L-arginine Plus® is considered safe to take with most medications, however we always recommend you discuss taking L-arginine Plus® with your healthcare provider to ensure it won't cause any unwanted side effects for you based on your individual health. 

Q. What is L-arginine Plus® Sweetened With?

L-arginine Plus® is sweetened naturally with Xylitol and Sweeta and does not raise your blood sugar. Both sweeteners are 100% natural and are calorie free. 

Q. How Does L-arginine Plus® Taste?

L-arginine Plus® is the best-tasting L-arginine product on the market and comes in 3 delicious flavors. 

Q. How Do You Use L-arginine Plus®?

To use L-arginine Plus® simply mix 1 scoop with 4 to 8 oz. of water. Stir or shake to dissolve.

Q. When Should I Take L-arginine Plus®?

We recommend users take L-arginine Plus® on an empty stomach. You can take L-arginine Plus® up to twice a day. Take 30 minutes before breakfast and/or 30 minutes before bed for the best results. 

Q. Will this Cause Any Flair Ups for Those with Herpes?

While it's possible l-arginine can cause herpes flair ups, it's uncommon for the natural, high-grade l-arginine in L-arginine Plus® to cause any issues. Many customers with herpes have taken L-arginine Plus® without problems. While it is rare to have a flair up while taking L-arginine Plus®, it's best to consult with your physician to determine whether or not L-arginine Plus® is right for you. 

Q. How Long Does a Bottle of L-arginine Plus® Last?

Each bottle of L-arginine Plus® is a 30 serving container and when taken once a day will last 30 days. 

Q. How Much Does it Cost for Shipping?

Shipping is FREE on all orders of 2 bottles or more. Standard shipping rates apply for orders of 1 bottle. 

Q. How Long Will it Take for My Order to Arrive?

All orders are shipped within 24 business hours and should arrive within 3-5 business days for shipments within the United States and 7-10 days for international shipments. 

* As with all information, products and services, results are not guaranteed and may vary from one individual to another. Statements made, or products sold through this web site, have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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