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Best Nitric Oxide Supplements – What Should You Be Looking For?

Nitric oxide supplements have received a lot of attention for their ability to help people improve their blood pressure.

But that’s not all they’re being used for. More and more weight lifters are turning to nitric oxide to get that extra pump and build muscle mass more efficiently.

And naturally, when you’re looking for a product, you want the best nitric oxide supplements possible to see the best benefits possible.

But how do you know which nitric oxide supplement to choose?

What Should I Look for in the Best Nitric Oxide Supplements?

First of all, when looking for the best nitric oxide supplements, look for well reviewed products. Some off brand or “generic” supplements may include less expensive ingredients and won’t deliver the kind of results you’re looking for. If that’s the case, user reviews are generally a good indication a nitric oxide supplement doesn’t work the way you want it to.

Supplements of any kind are not something you want to skimp on when it comes to the quality of ingredients because they’re going directly in your body. Better quality products will work better and have fewer fillers in them so you get the benefits you’re paying for.

There are plenty of great quality nitric supplements out there and they’ve all got a few ingredients in common you should look for.

Here are a few ingredients found in the best nitric oxide supplements:


best nitric oxide supplements

L-arginine is an amino acid the body directly converts into nitric oxide. Supplements that are meant to boost nitric oxide levels add l-arginine or arginine nitrate to their products to ensure the maximum amount of nitric oxide can be produced within the body.

Because l-arginine works so quickly to increase nitric oxide within the body, this amino acid also helps to reduce muscle recovery time while supporting muscle development. L-arginine enables better overall nutrient delivery to increase the amount of oxygen and muscle-building nutrients are delivered to the muscles during and after a workout.

Folic Acid or Folate

Recent studies have shown high intensity exercises can actually be harmful to your heart by increasing the amount of homocysteine levels in the blood and inflammation. However, folic acid, a member of the B vitamin family, reduces the homocysteine during intense workouts.

While weight lifting isn’t the same as a cardio workout, your muscles are being exerted to their max and folic acid helps protect you against possible negative effects of pushing yourself hard. IF you’re looking to increase your nitric oxide to improve your workout results, look for a nitric oxide supplement with folate in it.


An essential amino acid that is naturally created by the body, l-citrulline works to create l-arginine, which in turn transforms into nitric oxide gas in the body. L-citrulline is converted into L-arginine in the kidneys and then used to boost nitric oxide production.

This process happens over time and enables better nitric oxide production for an extended period of time rather the quick burst offered by l-arginine.

Read more about the Extra Benefits of L-Citrulline here.


Also a member of the B vitamin family, niacin works hard to metabolize fats and protein to help you gain muscle rather. Additionally, niacin helps to turn carbohydrates into fuel to energize you throughout your workouts.

Niacin helps your pre-workout snacks be optimally utilized to enhance your performance and allow you to work harder with increased energy.

While not all top-selling supplements provide all of these ingredients, these are the most commonly used ingredients to look for in the best nitric oxide supplements.

L-arginine Plus is the most complete nitric oxide supplement. L-arginine Plus is a stimulant-free, all natural nitric oxide supplement. By including more l-arginine and l-citrulline than any other supplement on the market, L-arginine Plus has proven to be effective.

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