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Preventing Your Blood Pressure From Continuing to Rise

You may already have high blood pressure or even hypertension or prehypertension. Preventing your blood pressure from continuing to rise is imperative to your overall heart health and longevity. Preventing

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Key Lifestyle Changes for Better Blood Pressure, Cholesterol and Heart Health

It’s the small things in life that make a big difference in the long run for our health. Key lifestyle changes for better blood pressure, cholesterol and heart health can help ensure a long life with

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Self-Care for Better Heart Health

Heart health begins with you. It’s that simple and straightforward. Your decisions, habits, and actions largely determine your health. Having self-care for better heart health is always worth the small

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Best Apps for Your Heart’s Health

With the rise of fitness trackers, smart watches, and health apps came a new wave of inspiration to try harder to be healthier. Most likely because it’s easier now to track your caloric intake, calories

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How Much Exercise Does Your Heart Need?

Exercise helps to keep your muscles strong, your weight down, and to give your body more energy. One muscle that particularly needs exercise is your heart. Your heart is a delicate muscle that needs to

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Domino Effect of High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure affects over 75 million adults in the United States. Unfortunately, it’s not a health issue that stops there. Having high blood pressure, especially without controlling it with medication,

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So You Have High Blood Pressure, What Should You Do Now?

High blood pressure affects about 30% of the nation. It’s a well-known problem that healthcare systems spend millions of dollars on each year. However, despite being well-known, you’ve just discovered

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Moderate Physical Activity Linked with Lower Risk for Cardiovascular Death

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that the “percent of adults 18 years of age and over who met the Physical Activity Guidelines for aerobic physical activity” is only 49.2%.”

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5 Apps to Keep Your Heart Healthy

In a world of smartphones, tablets, and watches, tracking your movements, physical activity, and health is easier than ever. There’s a smattering of helpful apps to keep your heart healthy. Who knew

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Jobs Linked to Worse Health

It’s no surprise that certain jobs create more stress than others. Some jobs keep you active, while others keep you in a sedentary state. A recent study found the jobs linked to worse health than others.

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