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Sunlight Can Lower Blood Pressure

Summer is here, along with the sunscreen, hats, and protective clothing. Most likely, you’re outside enjoying the longer days and vacation time. While sunscreen is important, one study found that

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Who is L-Arginine Best For?

L-arginine is an amino acid that is a precursor to nitric oxide. Nitric oxide aids in relaxing blood vessels and increasing blood flow. Some people may hear about l-arginine and ask, “Who is l-arginine

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Healthy and Inexpensive Food Alternatives

This month is National Men’s Health Month. Men have different habits generally than women, such as not thinking as much about what they eat. Finding healthy and inexpensive food alternatives to replace

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Daily Weight Loss Checklist

With summer and bathing suit season here, you may be wanting to shed a few extra pounds. We’ve created a daily weight loss checklist to help you stick to your diet and be your healthiest and most

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L-Arginine Plus Formula Difference

With so many l-arginine products on the market, it can be difficult to pick one. The L-Arginine Plus formula difference beats out the competitors in quality and in price. L-Arginine Plus Formula Difference L-Arginine

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Life’s Simple 7

The American Heart Association strives to inform the public about staying heart healthy. That’s why they’ve come up with Life’s Simple 7–to provide a guide that’s easy to follow and understand

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More Fruits and Vegetables Can Prevent Blockages

Americans are infamous for the lack of fruits and vegetables consumed by adults and children alike. It’s high time we change those habits because according to a new study, eating more fruits and

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National Women’s Health Week

Being healthy is important for everyone. However, sometimes it’s necessary to focus on specific needs, such as this week being National Women’s Health Week. National Women’s Health Week This

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L-Arginine Powder vs. Pill Supplements

There are hundreds of l-arginine and nitric oxide supplements on the market coming in different forms. People will often ask, “What’s the difference between l-arginine powder vs. pill supplements?”

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Breathing Exercises to Help Prevent Hypertension

Breathing is an involuntary function that keeps us alive. What if it not only kept us alive but also healthier? A new study found that people can do breathing exercises to help prevent hypertension. Breathing

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