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Day to Day Choices that Lead to Good Heart Health

In 2017, heart disease accounted for one out of every three deaths and is the leading killer of both men and women in the US. Certain risk factors for heart disease like your age and family history can’t

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Walking and High Blood Pressure

It’s just a walk. Or is it? Every step you take is part of your journey to good heart health. If you pick up the pace to a brisk walk that’s even better. Recommended: Learn More about the Benefits

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Lower the Risk of Heart Disease in Kids

Part of the reason heart disease does so much damage is the fact that it’s not taken seriously until most of us are older. But helping your kids take steps toward a healthier heart today can make a

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Tips to Reduce High Blood Pressure this Winter

According to the Mayo Clinic, blood pressure (hypertension) increases in the winter and decreases in the summer for most people. The diameter of your blood vessels constricts in cold temperatures, causing

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Simple Lifestyle Changes that Can Help Your Blood Pressure

High blood pressure hitting more than half the adults in the United States and only a fraction of people with high blood pressure are doing anything about it. Many people believe it’s extremely

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Cold Weather and Your Heart

Cold Weather and your Heart During winter, it’s important to know the effects of cold weather on your body. You should especially be mindful if you have a heart condition. Recommended: Learn More about

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6 Heart Health Mistakes You Might be Making

When it comes to the health of your heart, it’s important you’re taking care of it, yet, there are a lot of people making mistakes when it comes to their heart. And making mistakes when it comes to

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New Blood Pressure Guidelines Aim to Help More People

High blood pressure traditionally meant you should worry about your blood pressure if it reaches 140 on top or 90 on bottom. The American Heart Association announced there is a new guideline. If your

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7 Signs You’re Someone Who Should Be Using L-arginine Plus

Not everyone realizes L-arginine Plus® offers so many amazing benefits, and that leaves some people questioning whether or not using L-arginine Plus® is right for them. Here are 7 signs you’re someone

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The Most Effective Way to Lower Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a common worry about Americans, especially once people hit middle age and older. A new study has found the most effective way to lower blood pressure and it’s easier than you

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