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Foods High in L-Arginine for Your Diet

When you talk to someone about the kinds of food they eat and what nutrients they’re aiming for, many times the answer will be protein, carbs, and/or fiber. You may not think to get foods high in l-arginine

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Benefits of Taking L-Arginine Supplements

Americans are struggling with high blood pressure and obesity. Over 30% of Americans have high blood pressure or are obese. There are several benefits of taking l-arginine supplements that can help with

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Cravings from Trace Mineral Deficiencies

Cravings are common–everyone gets them at one point or another and for different reasons. Having cravings from trace mineral deficiencies is one possible reason that has been overlooked in the past.

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The Importance of Trace Minerals in L-Arginine Plus

L-Arginine Plus includes ingredients such as l-arginine and l-citrulline that help to increase the production of nitric oxide. The importance of trace minerals in L-arginine Plus should not get overlooked,

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Question & Answer with Dr. Vladimir Schwartsman, Prominent Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Vladimir Schwartsman practiced orthopedic surgery for many years leading up to his active retired life as a skier and woodworker in Park City, Utah. Vladimir grew up in Russia and in his younger years

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Cold Weather and Cardiovascular Disease

The winter months can be harsh and uninviting. The cold can take a toll on your mood as well as your heart. Cold weather and cardiovascular disease have been shown to be related. Be sure to safeguard against

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Winter Heart Health Hazards

The winter months can be hard on your body, both mentally and physically. The cooling temperatures and lack of sun can be winter heart health hazards. One study found that they may be a bigger cause for

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Anxiety May Increase Your Risk for Heart Disease and Ways to Overcome It

Do you ever worry about the idea that a health problem may occur to you one day? Stop worrying. A new study shows that anxiety may increase your risk for heart disease. There are simple, natural ways to

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Boosting Your Energy – 9 Ways to Feel More Energized

Not having enough energy may sound all too familiar to some people. Luckily, there are simple fixes to help with boosting your energy! Boosting Your Energy – 9 Ways to Feel More Energized 1. Get

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L-arginine Benefits

Discover the Unmatched Benefits of Taking L-arginineWhat is L-arginine Plus and What Can if Do for Your Heart and Health? Read More about the Anti-Aging Benefits Read More about the Workout

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