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High Blood Pressure Rates Are Rising

High blood pressure affects 30% of adult Americans. While that number is dropping, high blood pressure rates are rising in middle to low income countries, according to a recent study. High Blood Pressure

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Whole Grains and Your Heart

Eating a heart-healthy diet means that you need to incorporate whole grains, like rice and breads. One study showed that whole grains and your heart health are directly correlated. Whole Grains vs. Refined

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Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain to Keep Your Heart Healthy

The holidays can be a time of what seems like endless food temptations. Travel schedules can throw you off and so can your aunt’s famous brownies, sweet potatoes or whatever it is she’s an expert

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What’s the Relationship Between Blood Sugar and High Blood Pressure?

We hear nutritionists, doctors, and physical trainers that eating too much sugar is bad for us because it’ll make us overweight. While this is true, not everyone knows the full extent of the harmful

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50 Kitchen and Cooking Tips for Your Heart

Eating a healthy diet is key to living a healthy life. Getting proper nutrients and not overeating can be tricky, so here are 50 kitchen and cooking tips for your heart.

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Kids Struggling with Heart Health

According to a 2007-2008 study published in the American Heart Association’s journal, Circulation, about 91% of kids have poor diets. This leads to more kids struggling with heart health. It’s an issue

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Understanding Different Types of Dementia

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, over 5 million people in the United States suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. Additionally, about 1 in 3 people dies from Alzheimer’s or a different type of

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New Blood Test to Predict Heart Disease

Heart disease is the number one killer in the United States, among both men and women. One in four deaths is caused by heart disease. It also affects certain races, genders, and age groups differently.

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Plant-Based Diets and Heart Disease

General diet knowledge is that if we eat our fruits and vegetables with a well-rounded amount of grains and meat. However, recent findings show that the relation between plant-based diets and heart disease

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Surprising Foods with High Amounts of Salt

Americans eat over 1,000 more mg a day than what the American Heart Association recommends. High sodium consumption can lead to heart attack, heart disease, and high blood pressure. There are plenty of

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