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Daytime Napping May Be a Risk for Hypertension

A study was just released by Mayo Clinic indicating that daytime napping may be a risk for hypertension.

The study included 112,267 participants and nine observational studies in order to collect the meta-analysis.

The results showed people who napped midday were 13 to 19 percent more likely to develop hypertension compared to those who skipped the daytime nap. However, they did find that those you napped at night due to work hours reduced their risk of high blood pressure by 21%.

The data isn’t clear yet as to whether the amount of sleep, diet, physical activity, or preexisting medical conditions could be playing a factor in individual increases in hypertension risk.

There are a couple studies that have also found results stating that daytime naps can kill you. One particular study found that people ages 40-65 were almost twice as likely to die if they napped during the day for an hour or more.

More research still needs to be done on the topic, but if you’re a daytime napper, you may want to skip out and wait for a full night’s rest.