​ATTN: How To Maximize Your Sports Performance & Heart Health Using L-Citrulline

Are You Taking Enough L-Citrulline,
or Are You Making One of These Dirty Mistakes...

What You'll Learn:

  • ​Why people take L-citrulline
  • Risks of taking L-citrulline
  • How L-citrulline increases blood flow
  • How L-citrulline speeds recovery

Most people searching for L-Citrulline supplements are looking for heart health benefits. Others want it for increased sports performance. L-citrulline supports both! 

How does L-citrulline maximize your heart and blood vessel health? The right dosage of L-citrulline boosts nitric oxide production in your body. Nitric oxide is what makes all the magic happen. Increasing nitric oxide helps your arteries relax.  Your blood flows much better with relaxed arteries. This can be helpful for treating or preventing many heart conditions.

​If you are looking for a better pump, you can imagine what L-citrulline will do for you during your workouts. But what you might not have thought of how it will speed your recovery. L-citrulline maximizes blood flow to your muscle tissues. With optimal blood flow your body delivers essential nutrients (proteins and carbohydrates) to the muscles. Some athletes even claim they don't see the same performance declines while taking at least 1000mg of l-citrulline per serving.

Don't learn the hard way. Make sure you take at least 1000mg of L-citrulline per serving.

Mistake #1: "If some is good, more is better" Now is a good time to talk about how L-citrulline really works. Your kidneys use L-citrulline and turn that amino acid into L-arginine. Then your body converts L-arginine into Nitric Oxide. When we overload our bodies with a huge does of L-citrulline, most of it goes to waste. Our bodies are made to use what it needs and dump everything else.

Mistake #2: "Inconsistent Use" Taking L-citrulline only when you feel you need it is a mistake. It's like only eating healthy when you are feeling sick. Taking L-citrulline daily increases the long term health benefits. Long term use may also boost your immune system.

Mistake #3: "Not Boosting Results" There are many straight L-citrulline products out there. You will get much better results by pairing L-citrulline with L-arginine, vitamins and minerals.

Are there any risks of taking L-citrulline?

There are no reported side effects of l-citrulline BUT...

Consult your doctor if you are taking prescription blood pressure drugs or ED drugs before taking l-citrulline. Some drugs taken with l-citrulline may cause a dangerous drop in blood pressure.

Please be safe. Always tell your doctor of any supplement you are taking.​

Ready to Unleash the Power of Nitric Oxide with L-Citrulline?

When it comes to buying l-citrulline supplements, most products simply fail to include enough l-citrulline to make a significant difference when it comes to increasing the nitric oxide within your body. Even supplements with enough l-citrulline, lack the proven amounts of l-arginine to see rapid increases in nitric oxide production. 

We have combined l-citrulline with l-arginine and essential vitamins and minerals. That way you'll get maximum benefits from every serving of L-arginine Plus. L-arginine gives you an instant boost of Nitric Oxide. L-citrulline helps you make Nitric Oxide long term.

You'll Love L-Arginine Plus. Studies have shown the ingredients in L-arginine Plus  supports blood pressure, cholesterol, and energy levels and for fighting erectile dysfunction. Once your blood starts flowing optimally you'll feel the results, or you pay nothing.

l-citrulline supplement

1,010mg of L-Citrulline in Every Serving

L-arginine Plus delivers 1,010 mg of l-citrulline with every serving. This naturally occurring amino acid has so many uses and benefits for both men and women. L-citrulline is used to:

  • Reduce Fatigue & Support Healthy Energy Levels
  • Strengthen the Muscles & Support Muscle Development
  • Improve Athletic Performance
  • Support Healthy Sexual Health and Vigor 
  • Support Blood Pressure
  • Protect Against Heart Disease

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