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Preventing a Stroke

Strokes are the third highest cause of death in the United States, causing approximately 140,000 deaths yearly. Learning more about what causes strokes can be a helpful aid in preventing a stroke.

5 Facts to Know in Preventing a Stroke:

1. Not only older people can have strokes as is commonly believed. It is true that the risk of having a stroke rises with age, but people of any age, even unborn babies, can still suffer a stroke.

Your risk of having a stroke increases by 3 times if one of your parents had an ischemic stroke before age 65. Be sure to know your family medical history so you can know what your chances are.

2. High blood pressure is the primary reason for strokes. Over 30% of adult Americans have high blood pressure, and less than half of them have it under control.

3 out of 4 people who suffer first-time strokes were dealing with high blood pressure when it happened. If you know you have high blood pressure or have a family history of it, be sure to take precautions by eating well, exercising, and talking to your doctor about how to keep your heart healthy.

3. An unknown fact about strokes is that black people are twice as susceptible to having a first-time stroke than white people are, even at younger ages.

Studies are unclear as to why this is, but it is important to watch your blood pressure and not smoke–smoking doubles your chances of a stroke.

4. Strokes are treatable. Today’s medicine and technology are astounding in their ability to help stroke victims recover without having any permanent disability.

The important tip to remember is that time matters! The quicker you or the person who is suffering a stroke is treated, the less likely permanent disability will occur.

5. Friends can be life savers! Most people know the common signs of heart attacks and could call 911 immediately without much thought about what’s happening.

Knowing the signs of a stroke are vital in getting treatment quickly and getting the person to the hospital. Remember the word FAST.

Face drooping
Arm weakness
Speech difficulty
Time to call 911

If you or someone you’re with begins experiencing these symptoms, call 911 as fast as you can.

Strokes are not only treatable but preventable. Preventing a stroke can be done through keeping a healthy blood pressure level, healthy cholesterol levels, and not smoking.

These are achieved through eating whole foods and balanced meals, exercising regularly, and keeping your body away from toxic substances. If you keep your body healthy now, it will most likely stay healthy in the future.

preventing a stroke