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Here's how to order Cardio Plus: Just call my office at 1-800-583-8004 and tell whoever answers you want a supply of "Cardio Plus". You can use your credit card. Or, you can quickly and securely order online by clicking on the "Add To Cart" buttons below.

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Here's your guarantee: Order as many bottles as you like. Use the first bottle, completely. If after using that first bottle, you aren't convinced that Cardio Plus is everything I said it is... simply return the empty bottle, along with the full and unopened other bottles... and I will refund every penny of your purchase price to you. No questions asked.

Oh, and this is a Lifetime Guarantee. That’s as generous a guarantee as you’ll ever see from anyone. I trust you completely. You can, of course, order a single bottle. If you aren’t happy, for any reason, just return it, empty, for a fast refund. If you order more than one bottle, just be sure the others aren’t opened when you return them. (I’m not going to put up with anyone emptying out all their bottles and then asking for a refund. I trust you… but I’m not stupid.)