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Less Salt May Not Decrease Blood Pressure

High blood pressure affects over 30% of American adults. A close correlation has been tied between people who consume too much sodium and people with hypertension. A newly released study, however, is going

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Gray Hair Could Be Linked to Heart Disease

Heart disease is the number one cause of death in both men and women. Many risk factors contribute to the onset of heart disease. A new study found that gray hair could be linked to heart disease and that

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Eat Avocados to Decrease Your Risk of Heart Disease

Sadly, a quarter of annual deaths is due to heart disease. Many of these cases were and are preventable, too. A new analysis shows that people should eat avocados to decrease your risk of heart disease.

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Homemade Juices to Lower Blood Pressure

Treating high blood pressure can be a little daunting and even “unfun.” The idea of eating only healthy foods may sound difficult. Making homemade juices to lower blood pressure can help you be creative

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Bringing Women’s Heart Health to the Forefront

A common myth is that heart disease is a man’s disease. While it is the number one killer among men, it is a bigger cause of death than all cancers combined in women. One organization is bringing women’s

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Managing Your Cholesterol Levels

In the U.S., about 30% of adults have high cholesterol levels. According to a new survey, most of them do not know how to manage it. Managing your cholesterol levels is just as important as being aware

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Why L-Arginine Plus is the Best Choice

With hundreds of l-arginine supplements available on the market, it may be an overwhelming process to decide which one to try. If you look at each product’s supplement list it’s easy to see

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Yo-Yo Dieting Increases the Risk of Death for People with Heart Disease

Heart disease is a plague in the United States, killing one in four people each year. Eating healthy and exercising is constantly stressed to keep healthy and avoid heart disease. Some dieting, such as

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Yogurt Substitutes to Replace Your Sugary Yogurts

Yogurt, especially greek yogurt, has been largely associated with healthy eating and a great breakfast dish. While it does pack in protein and probiotics, many yogurts also contain high amounts of sugar

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Key Ingredients to Look at on Nutrition Labels

Recently, the FDA partially changed the layout of nutrition labels so they could be more clear. For some, reading labels can be difficult or confusing to know what to look for. While all the ingredients

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