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Reasons Why You Should Not Skip Breakfast

In today’s society, people are always on the move and are busy. For that reason, many people skip breakfast or substitute food with coffee. Studies are continuously showing reasons why you should not

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Best Foods to Lower Your Blood Pressure

With about 30% of American adults suffering from high blood pressure and heart disease as the leading cause of death, finding the best foods to lower your blood pressure is critical for good health. Choosing

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5 Ways to Boost Your Energy Naturally

Caffeine and energy boosting drinks are more popular than ever to fuel people through their day. Beverages like these often are unhealthy and make you crash. There are several ways to boost your energy

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Correct Ways to Take Your Blood Pressure

About 33% of American adults have high blood pressure, meaning staying aware of what your blood pressure numbers are is vital. Knowing the correct ways to take your blood pressure can make a significant

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Untrue Myths About Your Heart Health

Heart disease in the U.S. kills about one out of every four people. Unfortunately, there are plenty of untrue myths about your heart health that could be doing more damage. Untrue Myths About Your Heart

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Healthy Sources of Potassium for Your Heart

Potassium is essential for a healthy heart, low blood pressure, and less fatigued muscles. Eating healthy sources of potassium for your heart will help you feel all around more energized. Healthy Sources

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5 Ways Potassium Helps Your Health

Potassium partially makes up electrolytes that keep your body energized and functioning at full force. The average American only gets about half of the recommended amount of potassium each day. Here are

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Signs That You Need More Magnesium

Magnesium is a crucial mineral that makes up electrolytes and serves many functions of the body. Only about 25% of people get the recommended amount of magnesium each day and as a result, various side

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Facts to Know About Your Cholesterol

About 32% of Americans suffer from high cholesterol and about 1 in 3 of those people do not have it under control. Cholesterol can be quite misunderstood as well. These are some facts to know about your

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Six Foods Rich in Magnesium

Magnesium is a heart healthy mineral that about 80% of Americans are deficient in. Eating foods rich in magnesium can help lower blood pressure and stimulate brain function. Six Foods Rich in Magnesium 1.

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