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L-Arginine Plus is the Best There Is

While there are hundreds, if not thousands of l-arginine supplements on the market, we have to say that L-Arginine Plus is the best there is. L-Arginine Plus is the Best There Is L-Arginine Plus is a

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Artificial Sweeteners Are Leading to Weight Gain

Artificial sweeteners are a popular substitute for sugar in coffee, sodas, baking, and more. An observational study found that artificial sweeteners are leading to weight gain instead of weight loss–contrary

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AHA Begins a New Precision Medicine Platform with Amazon

Amazon is no small player in the world of commerce. Not many people know, that it’s also branching out and looking into research and medicine. As it grows, the AHA begins a new precision medicine

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7 Foods Especially Healthy for Women

Women suffer from heart attacks and heart disease just as often as men do. They also suffer from obesity and diabetes. Knowing what to eat can prolong your life and reduce the risk of ailments. We’re

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5 Easy 30 Minute Exercises

Exercise is the key to a healthy heart. Regular exercise helps to keep cholesterol, blood pressure, and mental health at healthy levels. There are plenty of exercise options to do. Here are 5 easy 30 minute

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Added Sugar Raises Cholesterol Levels

There’s a lot of concern and hype about eating the right cholesterols from eggs and fish, instead of bad cholesterols to be healthier. While choosing the right cholesterols is important, added sugar

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More Evidence that Chocolate Can Benefit Heart Health

Chocolate is one of America’s favorite treats. In fact, we buy about $22 billion worth of chocolate every year as a country. Good news for us, Harvard researchers found more evidence that chocolate

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Shingles Virus Increases the Risk of Heart Problems

About a third of people in the U.S. will get shingles in their lifetime. Over the age of 60, your chances increase and the effects of it can be much worse. A new study done in South Korea shows that the

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L-Arginine Plus Can Lower Blood Pressure

Americans have an alarmingly high number of people with high blood pressure–about 33%. Many people have high blood pressure because of poor dieting, lack of exercise, or old age. L-Arginine Plus

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Men Need to Take Care of Their Mental Health

As we close National Men’s Health Month, the discussion of mental health needs to happen. Men need to take care of their mental health, especially in the United States where 80% of suicide victims

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