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Weekly Recap in Health News: April 25, 2014

Check out what’s happened this week in health:


Health Alert: Sunny days good for your blood  A new report says a little sunshine might be just what the doctor orders for better blood pressure.

Healthy Snacks: Eating Almonds Can Help Weight Loss And Improve Heart Health, Studies Show  Six new almond-related research studies have highlighted the effects of almond consumption on overall diet quality and health status, abdominal adiposity (belly fat), measures of appetite and satiety, and cardiovascular risk factors.

How to Stay Heart Healthy During Pregnancy  A woman’s heart can experience huge changes during pregnancy, but as more women enter pregnancy at older ages, more women are experiencing heart-related conditions that may cause complications for the mother and the baby.

Revealed – why your heart loses its ability to regenerate in adulthood  Know why newborn animal’s heart can heal itself completely but the adult heart lacks this ability? The answer is in oxygen.