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Weekly Recap in Health News: November 1, 2013

Here is the recap of this week’s news in health:

6 Bad habits making you looking older than your age Cigarette smoke Whether you smoke, or you spend time with a smoker, cigarette smoke is damaging — and aging — to your skin…

World Stroke Day offers reminder that strokes are preventable World Stroke Day was celebrated this week, mostly unnoticed except by a few people. Provo resident Glenna Muirbrook is one with a special connection to the day.

Lack of Healthy Blood Circulation Could Lead to Stroke A stroke happens when there’s a disruption of blood flow and oxygen to the brain. There are different types of stroke, each defined by its root cause. But regardless of the cause, stroke is an extremely serious condition that requires immediate attention.

Simple Physical Activity Can Improve Heart Health  You don’t necessarily have to pump iron or run a marathon to keep yourself healthy. In fact, simple hobbies like gardening or home improvement may do the trick, a new study suggests.

Gardening, hobbies can keep older people heart-healthy, study shows  Poking around in the petunias, fixing the car or puttering around on other hobbies can cut the risk of a heart attack or stroke by more than a quarter among people 60 and older, researchers said Tuesday.