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Weekly Recap in Health News: October 11, 2013

Here is the recap of this week’s news in health:

What is a good diet for heart health and cholesterol? Controlling heart health is one of the most important parts about staying healthy. This involves keeping cholesterol levels low while making sure to eat plenty of vitamins and minerals as well as omega-3 fatty acids and whole grains.

Chronic Exposure to Airplane Noise Might Harm the Heart  People who put up with the constant roar of aircraft overhead may be at higher risk for heart disease, two new studies suggest. In one study, British researchers compared rates of stroke and heart disease among 3.6 million people who lived near London’s sprawling Heathrow airport, one of the busiest transit hubs in the world.

Stroke shaves years off patients’ lives, study finds Having a stroke may shave years off a person’s life, Medical News Today reported. In a new study published in the journal Neurology, researchers followed 748 stroke patients and 440 patients who had suffered a transient ischemic attack over the course of five years.

High Stress, High Cholesterol Levels? Some days your job feeds stress like kindling feeds a fire. Now scientists have learned that job stress stokes something else as well: high cholesterol levels. A 2013 Spanish study, involving more than 90,000 workers, reports that people suffering from job stress are more likely to have abnormally high levels of LDL, or bad cholesterol, and low levels of HDL, the good cholesterol.

High Blood Pressure Common Among Overweight Kids Overweight and obese children have a high risk of developing high blood pressure, a new study warns. Researchers analyzed the health records of nearly 250,000 children, aged 6 to 17, in California, and found those who were overweight were twice as likely as normal-weight children to have high blood pressure (hypertension).