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Weekly Recap in Health News: September 13, 2013

Here is the recap of this week’s news in health:

15 weird things linked to heart attacks When it comes to heart attacks, most people think a steady diet of greasy food and sedentary living is to blame. While it’s true that diet and lifestyle play a role (not to mention, family history), there are other, less common factors linked with heart trouble.

Acupunture to lower blood pressure blood pressure is the force that is applied by the blood flowing in the arteries against the walls of the arteries. Your heart pumps blood into the arteries, and the arteries carry blood to the various tissues and organs of the body.

Low cholesterol is dangerous THERE IS great confusion in the minds of many on the issue of cholesterol. Due to powerful propaganda from the drug manufacturers, most people worry about the cholesterol level in their blood being too high. Unfortunately, they never give a thought to the dangers of low cholesterol, especially when it results from taking medication.

The great egg debate: Are egg yolks good or bad for your health? Looking to enjoy the taste of eggs without eating the actual chicken? Whole Foods may have the answer for you.

Even Kids Have High Blood Pressure Now Typically when we think about high blood pressure, we think about our grandparents. It’s a problem old people deal with, not us younger adults. But not only does it affect those that haven’t reached “elderly” status, it also includes kids – young kids.