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L-arginine has been an extremely popular supplement for not only athletes but also those looking to have improved blood pressure. With all the supplements available today, you can find a “miracle cure”

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The Anti-Aging Benefits to L-Arginine Plus

As you already know, this supplement, L-Arginine Plus, contains L-Arginine which can help the body produce more nitric oxide. This can enlarge blood vessels, leading to benefits toward high blood pressure,

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AstraGin Benefits to Exercise

During strenuous exercise, the body’s fastest and main form of energy in muscles is in the sugar known as glucose. This glucose is broken down by the cells and used as an energy source. As an athlete,

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New Ingredient Sets L-arginine Plus Apart

L-arginine plus recently looked to improve the effectiveness of its product. The area that was reviewed was absorption rate and how that could be improved. Many studies have been conducted on how much

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Does Nitric Oxide Supplementation Improve Exercise Efficiency and Exercise Tolerance?

According to a new study conducted by The University of Exeter, College of Life and Environmental Sciences, and College of Medicine and Dentistry, nitric oxide may improve exercise efficiency and exercise

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Inspiring Story

Recently a couple from California submitted a heartwarming testimonial which can be found here at the bottom of the page. This testimonial is an inspiring story. I can’t help but to appreciate their

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Do Your Research!

In the world of nutritional supplements, knowledge is king. It’s easy for a product to make outrageous claims but it always comes down to one question, does it work? To answer this question you can take

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