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The Connection Between High Blood Pressure and Stress

There has been much talk about the relationship between blood pressure and stress, but there is no denying that they are connected.  It is true that stressful events will cause a temporary spike to your

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Alcohol and Blood Pressure

It is true that alcohol can be both good and bad for your health.  In terms of your blood pressure, alcohol can lower it if consumed in small amounts.  However, drinking more than one to two drinks a

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Research Shows Dark Chocolate Lowers Blood Pressure

Perhaps the best news you could ever receive is one that tells you to eat chocolate.  Well if you suffer from hypertension (high blood pressure), this might be news for you.  As it turns out, many studies

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Beetroot Juice Supplementation

Studies have found another beneficial natural supplement to lower blood pressure, beetroot juice.  This works in a similar fashion to the L-arginine supplement, meaning its benefits are realized through

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Exercise Tips to Begin Lowering Blood Pressure

If you have high blood pressure, or know someone who does, you are aware of the dangers associated with the condition.  You are probably also aware of the causes, which range from an unhealthy diet, stress,

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5 Non-medicinal Ways to Reduce Blood Pressure

There is an astounding amount of American adults that have high blood pressure, perhaps even more than you might think.  According to the CDC’s facts about blood pressure, 67 million adults suffer from

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Heart Disease and Stroke: What are the Causes?

There is a long list of risk factors that can lead to stroke and heart disease, but the good news is that almost all of them are preventable.  It’s critical that you known these risks, so that you can

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Top 5 Foods that Help Lower Blood Pressure

Let’s be honest, if we’re speaking about diet, It doesn’t take a health expert to figure out why you have high blood pressure.  If you look at what you’re eating on a daily basis, you’ll quickly

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The Many Health Benefits of Nuts and Seeds

One of the best, healthiest, and most nutritious, and not to mention, tastiest snacks of all are nuts and seeds. Nuts and seeds have a vast array of health benefits. Not only do nuts and seeds contain

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The Effect of Weather on Blood Pressure

You may not know this, but weather plays a significant role on your blood pressure. More specifically, it plays down to what type of climate you live in. A study published in 2008 that lasted close to

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