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Natural Ways to Lower Blood Pressure

As dangerous as high blood pressure is for your health, more than a third of those with high blood pressure don’t realize they have a problem. The first step to lowering your blood pressure is realizing

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Symptoms of High Blood Pressure

What’s interesting about high blood pressure not a lot of people realize is that it’s primarily a symptomless condition. Misconceptions about those who have high blood pressure, or HBP or hypertension,

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How to Keep Your Heart Healthy – 88 Ways to Protect Your Heart

Most people suffering with symptoms of heart disease may not even realize their heart is suffering until it’s too late. That’s why it’s important to take steps to protect your heart no matter your

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Beetroot Juice Supplementation

Studies have found another beneficial natural supplement to lower blood pressure, beetroot juice.  This works in a similar fashion to the L-arginine supplement, meaning its benefits are realized through

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Natural Ways to Increase Your Sex Drive

Have you noticed that you’re in the mood less often or have lost your sex drive completely?  Well, loss of sex drive is a common occurrence, especially when you get older.  Many times, this effect

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The Many Health Benefits of Nuts and Seeds

One of the best, healthiest, and most nutritious, and not to mention, tastiest snacks of all are nuts and seeds. Nuts and seeds have a vast array of health benefits. Not only do nuts and seeds contain

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Does Nitric Oxide Supplementation Improve Exercise Efficiency and Exercise Tolerance?

According to a new study conducted by The University of Exeter, College of Life and Environmental Sciences, and College of Medicine and Dentistry, nitric oxide may improve exercise efficiency and exercise

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Do Your Research!

In the world of nutritional supplements, knowledge is king. It’s easy for a product to make outrageous claims but it always comes down to one question, does it work? To answer this question you can take

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