You may not know this, but weather plays a significant role on your blood pressure. More specifically, it plays down to what type of climate you live in. A study published in 2008 that lasted close to a decade showed that blood pressure is better in the summer and worse in the winter. What adds more confusion to the subject is that this happens regardless of what climate you are in. You can live in an area that remains warm throughout the year, such as Phoenix, or live in an area that remains cool throughout the year, like tundra regions of Canada and Alaska, and see similar results. Now what could be the cause of this?

Scientists remain baffled at this occurrence but there are a few theories that stand out. One theory revolves around blood vessel diameter. More exposure to cold climates can cause vessels to shrink, leading to higher blood pressure overtime. Another theory revolves around weight and exercise. People tend to gain weight in the winter, and lose it in the summer. This can also explain the blood pressure differential.

Because of this relation of weather and blood pressure, be sure to pay close attention to your blood pressure in the winter months. If you are on medications, or supplements like L-Arginine Plus, you may need to take higher doses during this time but consult your medical professional for advice.