There are some thoughts out there that people can be fat but fit, meaning they’re heavier but do yoga or weightlifting, so they’re fit. However, another study came out showing that fat but fit is a fib and that you cannot be both.

Fat But Fit is a Fib

The Study

Researchers from the Imperial College London and the University of Cambridge studied data on more than 500,000 people from 10 European countries, including the United Kingdom. After more than 12 years, researchers followed up and found that 7,637 people from the study had developed heart disease.

Normal cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure levels were not an assurance of having good heart health in obese people. Weight was, however, a factor in overall heart health.

The researchers found that those who were overweight or obese, yet still had healthy blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure levels were almost 28% more likely to develop heart disease than people will comparable readings but healthy body weight.

People that were overweight and had high blood pressure, blood pressure and cholesterol were at an even higher risk.

Dr. Ioanna Tzoulaki, an author on the study, stated, “I think there is no longer this concept of healthy obese. If anything, our study shows that people with excess weight who might be classed as ‘healthy’ haven’t yet developed an unhealthy metabolic profile. That comes later in the timeline, then they have an event, such as a heart attack.”

Excess weight may not be the sole culprit in causing the increased risk of heart attacks, but it’s the side effects of it over time that cause it. Being overweight usually leads to high cholesterol, blood pressure, and glucose levels.

So while you may see heavier people with social media accounts, do not totally dismiss their overall health because of their flexibility or ability to dance. Yes, these people are wonderful examples of finding an exercise you love and that all body types can do anything they put their mind to. But, keep in mind that your weight is still a good indicator of your heart health.

Try to maintain a healthier, normal weight and do what you can to lose weight if necessary. Being fat but fit is a fib and you should always be trying to be overall healthy!