This month is National Men’s Health Month. Men have different habits generally than women, such as not thinking as much about what they eat. Finding healthy and inexpensive food alternatives to replace your typical go to snacks can improve your health and your savings.

Healthy and Inexpensive Food Alternatives

Often times, healthy eating is considered expensive, so people stick to their “cheaper” snacks. However, there are plenty of healthy and inexpensive food alternatives to choose from.

In addition, men tend to have faster metabolisms than women, so they don’t worry about calories as much. With age, everyone’s metabolism slows down and it’s necessary to choose healthier foods.

Here is a list of commonly eaten snacks replaced with healthier, less expensive snacks:

Healthy and Inexpensive Snack Alternatives

Even more, fast foods and processed foods need to be replaced with healthy, whole foods. Once again, the idea that healthier food is more expensive than fast food is not true.

Fast food may be cheap, but there are plenty of options to feed an entire family for at least one meal.

For example:

Healthy and Inexpensive Food Alternatives Healthy and Inexpensive Food Alternatives


These are instances that we’ve all been in and choose the easier fast food option. Instead of going out for fast food, use the money and buy healthy and inexpensive food alternatives.

It may take some getting used to, but the reward will be worth it when you see that you’re healthier and your wallet is more full.

Men seem to prepare fewer home cooked meals when they live by themselves or with roommates. Men also have higher rates of heart disease and stroke, as well as dying earlier than women.

Small changes in diet add up over time and can significantly impact your health and weight for the better. Learning to cook and eat healthy will help you throughout your entire life.