Learn how to lower blood pressure fast with these essential tips!

High blood pressure is often called the “silent killer” because it presents little to no symptoms until it results in heart attack or stroke.

While there’s nothing that will lower your blood pressure over night or immediately, these 8 quick tips are the best ways to achieve faster results for better blood pressure readings!

Taking precautions with diet, fitness, and regular monitoring can help you lower and maintain healthy blood pressure.

1) Regular Monitoring

If you don’t know you have high blood pressure, you can’t do anything to remedy it!

Like we said before, high blood pressure—even severely high blood pressure—often presents little to no symptoms. The only way you can know if you have high blood pressure is by monitoring it frequently.

You can do this by making regular visits to your doctor, buying your own blood pressure monitor, or going to a pharmacy where they offer low cost or free blood pressure readings.

2) Get Garlic

Studies show that garlic can be beneficial to lowering blood pressure and cholesterol.

A 2010 study conducted by the University of Adelaide, Australia, showed that those who took 4 garlic capsules a day experienced lower systolic blood pressure than those who were taking placebo capsules.

However, since it could be hard to get the daily supplement amount just in your food, you can buy garlic pills at your drugstore or vitamin store.

3) Stand Up

Most of us are sitting at desks when we work. And most of us work at LEAST 8 hours a day.

If you don’t have a job that keeps you moving and shaking, you miss out on a lot of exercise opportunities.

Simply standing will help burn calories and give your body more of a workout. Stand up while making calls or talking to coworkers.

4) Quit Smoking

Give your heart, lungs, and body a better chance at a healthier life by cutting out cigarettes.

Nicotine can tighten blood vessels, make them more prone to clotting, and ultimately lead to heart attack and stroke.

5) Cut Out Sodium

The average American salt intake is nearly double what it should be.

Sodium is a sneaky contributor to high blood pressure, because it allows your body to retain more water, therefore putting pressure on the blood vessels.

Cutting sodium means more than staying away from the salt shaker. Cutting sodium means watching out for seasonings, sauces, and processed food that can sneak large amounts of sodium into your diet.

6) Cut Caffeine

Powering through caffeine withdrawal is a lot easier than powering through life-threatening heart problems.

Since caffeine speeds up heart rate and ultimately increases bodily stress, your heart begins pumping more blood, and consequently your blood pressure goes up.

Switch to decaf coffee and tea, stay away from soda (that’s bad for you all-around) and drink more water. By cutting out caffeine, you’re being kind to your heart.

7) Get Spicy

Look no further than your spice cabinet. As a natural vasodilator, cayenne pepper can be used as a natural remedy for quickly lowering blood pressure by relaxing blood vessels and improving blood flow.

You can consume cayenne pepper by using it to season your food, adding it to hot tea, or by buying cayenne pepper capsules at your health or vitamin store.

8) Supplement With L-Arginine Plus

l-arginine Plus is a powerful vasodilator that helps your body increase its natural nitric oxide production. The nitric oxide helps relax your blood vessels and improve circulation.

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