L-arginine plus recently looked to improve the effectiveness of its product. The area that was reviewed was absorption rate and how that could be improved. Many studies have been conducted on how much of any vitamin or nutrient the body actually absorbs. Studies showed that dependent upon what other items were digested with l-arginine affected its absorption rate.

To try to improve the absorption rate consistency, L-arginine plus teamed up with NuLiv Sciences to try to determine an ingredient that could increase the absorption of l-arginine as well as other nutrients in the product. NuLiv Sciences created a proprietary formula known as AstraGin.

Throughout extensive testing from NuLiv Sciences, AstraGin has been demonstrated to significantly promote and improve the absorption of amino acids. Specifically, AstraGin helps the absorption rate of the amino acid L-arginine by 66%! It was also found to increase absorption of vitamins (B6, B12, C, D3, K all found in the L-arginine formula) as well as glycogen.

This ingredient was a tremendous addition to the L-arginine formula, setting L-arginine Plus apart from all other L-arginine and Nitric Oxide supplements on the market today.