Recently a couple from California submitted a heartwarming testimonial which can be found here at the bottom of the page. This testimonial is an inspiring story. I can’t help but to appreciate their ability to never give up, even during trying times. Below is an excerpt that stood out:

“My wife Tomala has suffered for over a year by taking her Dr’s prescribed “poison” for her high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and bad cholesterol. Her blood pressure numbers have been hovering in the high 200′s/high 90′s. Her Blood Sugar numbers are between 200 & 180′s & her bad LDL’s have been, well, BAD! Then she started having “TIA’S” on leap day this year which are an hour & a half long, she was basically having baby/Mini Strokes – DAILY! I was LOSING my WIFE. I desperately researched to find something, anything, and THERE you were. Tomala is just starting her 3rd month of L-Arginine Plus and the results have been almost immediate & most important (to me), DRAMATIC.”

Thanks for sharing your story Michael and Tomala, we wish you all the best!