For many people, the weather cooling down means suffering with joint pain.

With the colder weather come changes in joint fluid thickness, a worsening of arthritis and more knee pain. It all adds up to more pain for too many people.

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But joint pain isn’t limited to colder weather. It’s also a condition you can treat naturally. Instead of reaching for medication to treat your joint pain this fall and winter, try the following.

Joint Pain Relief

Eat Healthier – Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin K and Vitamin C curb inflammation, sooth pain and prevent a loss of cartilage. A diet rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin K and Vitamin C will help you feel less stiff while helping your overall health too.

Avoid omega-6 fatty acids including corn oil, which has been shown to signal painful inflammation. You can also swap refined grains for whole grains. The high fiber helps to reduce inflammation.

Exercise More Often – A major reason cold weather is linked to joint pain is more people are less likely to exercise and be active. Getting more couch time is going to leave you feeling more stiff with more pain. Exercise ensures your joints are more lubricated and pain-free.

If it’s too cold to exercise outdoors, get exercise indoors. Low-impact aerobic exercises will help the joints and improve your range of motion. Also try lifting weights to build joint supporting muscles that can reduce your joint pain.

Find the Right Supplements – Hydrolyzed collagen is popular for joint pain as a joint supplement because it helps support healthy cartilage and increases joint lubrication as it increases the collagen in the cartilage. Taking additional Vitamin D can also help keep your bones strong while preventing joint pain.

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Fish Collagen works because the body immediately absorbs the formula and puts it to work for you. It’s the perfect solution to winter joint pain, to help athletes suffering with joint pain or anywhere feeling aches and pains that won’t seem to go away.

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Joint pain can severely limit an individuals’ quality of life. Whether colder temperatures are causing the problem or something else, you don’t have to suffer any longer.

Eat healthier, stay active and utilize the supplements that are available and you’ll be able to significantly limit, if not eliminate, your joint pain.