Want to know what the ideal L arginine dosage is for your health? Here are some benefits of L arginine, the best dosage for your health, and more.

L-arginine is naturally produced by the body to help with the production of proteins.

However, certain factors such as age and health conditions can negatively affect the l-arginine levels in the body.

This amino acid is also available in natural food sources such as nuts, dairy, and meat, but their content levels are generally low.

The body uses it to produce nitric oxide, as well as stimulate the release of insulin and get rid of ammonia.

The following are some of the benefits associated with l-arginine supplements.


l arginine dosageOne of the most well-known benefits of this amino acid is its ability to improve blood flow.

By improving blood flow, it helps people with various conditions like hypertension or angina.

Other people use the supplements to enhance their fitness regimen, lose weight, and speed up their recovery times.

Currently, there are a few clinical trials that are testing the benefits of l-arginine and how they can improve your health.

Heart Conditions

While early supporters of l-arginine suggested that the amino acid could benefit individuals with heart disease, some studies have found different results.

According to a 2006 study in the Journal of the American Medical Association, individuals over 60 who had experienced a heart attack did not see improvements.

Specifically, the study suggested that arginine didn’t improve heart function or blood vessel stiffness.

While it may not be specifically beneficial for certain individuals who have already experienced heart disease, supplements have shown to improve blood flow.


Other studies have focused on the nutritional benefits of the supplements.

For example, when people take l-arginine alongside omega-3 fatty acid and nucleotides, it may improve recovery time.

It may also improve wound healing and protect against infection.

Doctors use these supplements to help raise lean body mass levels for individuals with cancer.

How Long Does It Take for L-arginine to Work?

l arginine dosageWhile there is no official recommended dosage for l-arginine, the right amount will depend on various factors.

Some of these factors include medical history, gender, and age.

Studies have explored various doses for different conditions to find the ideal dose for each.

For example, l-arginine dosage for high blood pressure studies have used doses of 4 to 24 grams per day for 2 to 24 weeks.

Studies relating to chest pain have used doses of 2 to 6 grams three times per day for one month.

The best way to determine how much l-arginine is safe for you is to consult your healthcare provider.

L-arginine Powder Supplements

There are various l-arginine supplements on the market, which makes choosing one harder than it has to be.

When looking for the best supplement for you, look to the ingredients, the benefits, and the overall value.

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