It’s a complex world on its own, especially if you’re trying to navigate the world of supplements by yourself.

Sometimes, even when speaking to so-called “experts” it feels like you aren’t getting all the answers when it comes to purchasing supplements including L-arginine supplements.

We wanted to share some key information about L-arginine supplements to shed a little light on what is still a mystery amino acid to so many people.

Even millions of people who could significantly benefit by taking an l-arginine supplement don’t know about or understand all it has to offer.

We wanted to answer a few questions about L-arginine supplements to help you understand the benefits and what to look for when it comes to purchasing a product with L-arginine in it.

Key questions about L-arginine

How does L-arginine work?
L-Arginine is an amino acid that functions to trigger the body’s natural release of Nitric Oxide.
Nitric Oxide is a key molecule discovered to help relax and enlarge blood vessels.

As a supplement, L-arginine has been shown to help in a number of different ways from support overall cardiovascular health to regulating blood pressure and cholesterol. L-arginine is so popular among those who use it because it is believed to improve energy and even improve overall health.

As you take L-arginine, the body puts it to work right away and it doesn’t take long to notice the benefits.

Why would I need L-arginine?

Before you buy L-arginine supplements, you may wonder about the ingredients. L-arginine itself is an essential amino acid, which means your body needs it, but is incapable of producing it on its own.

It is naturally occurring in certain foods such as, peanuts, walnuts, salmon, beef, and dairy. So, an l-arginine supplement is meant to make up for a deficiency in an individual’s dietary intake of l-arginine.

While L-arginine supplements are predominantly known for supporting cardiovascular health and support healthy blood pressure levels, it has also been studied for its effects on muscle building and overall health.

Some research even shows L-arginine could be beneficial to just about everyone.

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How much l-arginine do I need?

The amount of L-arginine an individual needs in their diet depends on what they need the supplement for. A higher daily dosage may be required for some individuals to see the cardiovascular support benefits.

Key Questions about L-arginine Supplements?

How Much Should I Pay for an L-arginine Supplement?

There seems to be a lot of confusion about what an L-arginine supplement should cost.

Part of the confusion stems from products priced as low as $7 to $10 a bottle to products priced as much as $70 a bottle or even more.

While $70 is far too expensive for an L-arginine supplement, there is a big difference in what you’re getting based on price. The key is to see how many milligrams of L-arginine you’re actually getting and what else is in the product.

With the cheapest products, you’ll only get 100 to 1000 mg of l-arginine, while products ranging from $25 to $50 generally contain 3,000 mg or more L-arginine. Remember to take note of how much L-arginine is in the supplement.

You’ll also want to take a look at the ingredients because some products are solely l-arginine while others are blends that help add value and increase benefits.

If you’re spending more than $40 a bottle on an L-arginine supplement, regardless of what’s in it, it’s definitely over-priced. Look for more affordable comparisons including L-arginine Plus.

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What Else Should I Look For in an L-arginine Supplement?

If you are interested in buying a blend, there are key ingredients that help maximize the benefits of L-arginine. One to always look for is L-citrulline and at least 1,000 mg. The L-citrulline extends the benefits of the nitric oxide within the body to help you get more out of taking L-arginine.

As L-arginine has been shown to improve energy, B vitamins are also valuable in your L-arginine supplement. B vitamins help to naturally improve your energy levels.

Do a little research and find a formula with ingredients that support the benefits of L-arginine or visit our home page to learn more about L-arginine Plus and you’ll be happy with the product you choose.

What’s so special about L-arginine Plus?

Of course, we recommend L-arginine Plus as the #1 L-arginine supplement in the world.

L-arginine Plus comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee with thousands and thousands of people using it and seeing the benefits.

One key difference that really makes L-arginine Plus stand out is the added benefit of AstraGin which helps the absorption of amino acids and other nutrients. Not all L-arginine supplements contain AstraGin. So, with L-arginine Plus, not only are you given the amino acid you are also provided with the help your body needs to absorb it so you get the most out of taking an l-arginine supplement.

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