L-arginine Plus™ can help you lose weight? In fact, this is true according to many recent studies. A few studies conducted within the last 6 years have stated just this, that l-arginine supplementation can help boost fat loss, reducing fat gain, reducing fat mass, and thus causing weight loss. Now what does it do? L-arginine reduces the growth of white fat tissue and promotes the growth of brown fat tissue. White fat tissue is essentially storage, whereas brown fat tissue increases the amount of uncoupled protein-1. This causes the body to generate heat and burn calories.

Along with this, you know one of the key benefits of l-arginine: it promotes the release of nitric oxide in the body. While this can improve blood flow, another benefit, found by a september 2006 study, is that it can increase the breakdown of fat.

Take L-arginine Plus™ for better heart health and better blood flow, but now, also take it for added weight loss benefit. There are numerous benefits to this amino acid and it just seems like this number is growing continuously. L-arginine Plus may be just what you need to not only improve your blood circulation, but also to help you lose weight.