On the supplement facts of L-arginine Plus™, towards the bottom you will see the label ‘Red Wine Extract’. Now why do we put this in there? We have all heard the saying that red wine is good for the heart. Now is this true? Research seems to agree. When it comes to drinking, wine is one of the healthiest choices at just 20 calories an ounce. Along with this, a recent study formed a link between red wine and blood pressure.

The recent study, conducted in Spain, showed that non-alcoholic red wine can lower blood pressure. The study gave a group red wine, nonalcoholic red wine, and gin at random intervals over a set amount of time. During the time of nonalcoholic red wine, blood pressure was found to decrease. It is interesting to see that the alcohol in normal red wine seems to not show any effect toward lowering blood pressure. If nonalcoholic red wine is not your drink of choice, why not try L-arginine Plus™!