Are you trying to lose weight? There are an ample amount of diet programs for you to try, and certainly some that have proven to be successful.  But before spending a ton of time and money on these systems, try this simple technique: eating slower.  More and more research supports the idea that the problem most people have with weight is not from what you eat, but from how you eat.   Most people gorge themselves in a short period, eating rapidly and finishing their meal in under 15 minutes. Well, the problem is, it takes the brain 20 minutes to recognize that you are full. So, the idea of eating slowly is merely a way to utilize what our bodies do for us.  If you can drag out a meal and allow your brain to tell you “Hey buddy, I’m full!”, then you’ll naturally eat less food.  Endochrinologist Dr. Jim Desimone, a metabolism expert, shares some ways to achieve the proper amount of time eating (using ice cream as an example):

“enjoy every step of eating that ice cream, to beginning to taking it out of the freezer, to opening it and smelling it, to letting it melt a little bit and get the texture you like in your mouth.”

If you couple this new way of eating with an adequate exercise routine, your on your way to losing weight!