An approaching summer means that temperatures are on the rise, the days are longer, the kids are off school, and there is more sunlight! Now before you think about turning indoors, think again! A recent study suggests that the UV rays in sunlight can actually lower blood pressure.

This article was featured on Men’s Health News, and conducted by researchers in the UK. The researchers took 24 volunteers and put them under tanning lamps. One group had the UV rays filtered out with just the heat, and the other group had normal tanning lamps with UV rays. It was found that the group with normal tanning lamps actually saw lowered blood pressure for 50 minutes after! It is theorized that the UV rays signal the body to release nitric oxide, the stuff that lowers blood pressure and improves blood flow, and also a secret to L-arginine Plus.

The researchers say that, while sunlight can indeed lower blood pressure, it may not outweigh the risks. Long-term exposure to UV rays can cause skin related ailments, including cancer. So this summer, get your daily dose of sunlight but be sure to also take L-arginine Plus!