Naturally Helps Support Healthy Blood Pressure by Increasing Nitric Oxide and Opening the Blood Vessels.

  • Key Amino Acids Proven to Boost Overall Heart Health
  • Naturally & Safely Supports Healthy Blood Pressure
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“Yes L-arginine Plus really works. I’ve been taking it for a while. My cardiologist was in strong agreement when I asked him about taking it!” Jenelle S. Wrote on Facebook


More than 100 Million People in the United States have High Blood Pressure, But Most Don’t Know What to Do About it

Your blood pressure is the force or pressure of blood that pushes against the walls of the your arteries. While blood pressure typically changes throughout the day, high blood pressure for too long can damage the heart and can cause health problems.

High blood pressure is extremely common with more than half of adults in the United States facing high blood pressure. But most of those with high blood pressure don’t realize they have it and many who do know they have a problem, they don’t know what to do. 

And that’s where L-arginine Plus can help. 

More of What Works than Any Other Formula!

Proven Combination of 5,110mg of L-arginine and 1,110mg of L-citrulline with Vitamins and Minerals for Added Support

L-arginine Plus works with the body to help support healthy blood pressure better than any other supplement. 

L-arginine Plus opens the blood vessels to rapidly reduce pressure as the heart pumps blood throughout the body. L-arginine Plus increases the molecule nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is responsible for widening the blood vessels. This process safely helps support the heart and health blood pressure.

With this unique formula, you get a great-tasting drink mix that makes such a difference. Users love the way it supports healthy blood pressure as well as healthy circulation, energy levels, better cholesterol, and better heart health overall. 



» Best Blood Pressure Support Supplement

» Proven Support for Healthy Circulation

» Promotes Healthier Cholesterol

» Stimulates Energy Levels

» Side-Effect Free Formula

» 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

L-arginine Plus® simply delivers the most effective results possible because it’s the only L-arginine supplement with the most effective amounts of the key amino acids you need for better nitric oxide production.

“I’ve been taking this for a few years now, I can definitely tell the difference when I’m taking this daily. My blood pressure used to run high but has been maintained to normal without any medications, I generally feel better and more energized as well.”

– Matthew W. Shared his L-arginine Plus® review

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Proven Formula to Safely Support Healthy Blood Pressure Better than Any Other Product Available

Proven Combination of Ingredients for Blood Pressure Support

L-arginine – L-arginine is a semi-essential amino acid. When we increase the l-arginine in our body, it is used to produce nitric oxide. It’s the increased nitric oxide that makes all the difference for your health. 

L-citrulline – L-citrulline is another key amino acid. The body absorbs l-citrulline at a slower pace than l-arginine and converts it into l-arginine before it is utilized to produce nitric oxide. By including both in L-arginine Plus®, users see more sustained, more effective results than by taking l-arginine alone. 

Astragin® – Astragin® is a trademarked and clinically proven ingredient that increase the absorption of l-arginine and l-citrulline. That means your body is actually using more of the l-arginine and l-citrulline to provide better results than without Astragin®. 

Vitamins & Trace Minerals – We’ve also included key vitamins and trace minerals in L-arginine Plus® so you’re giving your heart all the support it needs. Each of the vitamins and minerals in L-arginine Plus provides improved support for healthy blood pressure and your heart overall.  

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

With your guarantee, there’s no risk when you try L-arginine Plus – it works for you, or it’s free

Rick Barry

Pro Basketball Hall of Fame Legend

“I have been using L-arginine Plus® for years and find it to be an OUTSTANDING WAY FOR ME TO MAINTAIN HEALTHY BLOOD PRESSURE. The product is of the highest quality and is easy to use. There is also a choice of great flavors.”

Captain Anthony T. Valdez

LAFD Fire Station 69 “A” Platoon

“I have been a firefighter for over 33 years and have been exposed to lack of sleep for many years. A side effect of this was an elevated blood pressure. A leading cause of firefighter illnesses are cardiac related. I was always looking for a product that was not pharmaceutical to assist me in controlling my blood pressure, and then I stumbled across I-Arginine Plus when a co-worker brought some in for us to try.  After two weeks of using this product, I have lowered my Systolic number and my Diastolic number. A welcome side effect of this product may also be an increased amount of energy too. If you are looking for a product that may actually work in controlling an elevated BP, you may want to give L-arginine Plus a try.”

Dr. Vladimir Schwartsman

Published Orthopedic Surgeon

“My energy level is up, definitely. That’s really important for me. I feel like I’m more energetic and alert. I recover from day to day physical activities much faster and better. Now my blood pressure, on average is 10 point lower than what it used to be. As I said,  I used to have, on occasion, headaches and felt sluggish attributing this to having elevated blood pressure. Now I don’t have it. It’s much better.” 

See Drastic Improvements in Your Health

High blood pressure can lead to more serious health concerns if it is ignored. Unfortunately, millions of men and women ignore their blood pressure and end up suffering the consequences.

Don’t be one of them! Take control of your health with L-arginine Plus and get the support you need for healthy blood pressure. Having high blood pressure puts you at risk for heart disease and stroke, the two leading causes of death in the U.S.

L-arginine Plus provides unmatched support for healthy blood pressure and can significantly help improve your health. Don’t put your life at risk, get L-arginine Plus today!

More than 80 Million People in the U.S. have high blood pressure, but less than half are doing something about it.

If you’re looking for help for your blood pressure and want something that won’t leave you suffering with side effects, it’s time to TRY L-arginine Plus today!​

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

With our guarantee, there's no risk when you try L-arginine Plus® - It works for you, or it's free.

I love this product. I am a doctor who has a family history of cardiovascular problems. I did not want to have the same issues my father had at my age, so I exercise and take L-Arginine Plus during my workouts. I continue to take the product at least once a day even when I don't work out. I have followed this routine for about three years. With my 55th birthday approaching I felt I should have a complete cardiac workup. My resting heart rate is in the 50's, blood pressure normal, cardiac echo and stress test perfect, and cardiovascular scan showed zero plaque placing me in the one percentile for my age group. Excellent product that I prescribe to my patients.


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We know you will love L-arginine Plus and the results you get but if you are not satisfied for any reason, return your empty bottle for a full refund.

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