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L-arginine Plus is a powder drink mix supplement that increases natural nitric oxide production to open the blood vessels and help:

» Support Healthy Blood Pressure

» Promote Healthy Circulation

» Support Healthy Cholesterol

» Promote Energy Levels

» Support Overall Heart Health

» Deliver Side-Effect Free Results

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Why L-arginine Plus is Better? Each serving of L-arginine Plus provides 10x more L-arginine than other supplements. L-arginine Plus also combines l-arginine with l-citrulline for rapid and last results.

“I was on high blood pressure meds for 20 years and wanted to find something to stabilize my heart during the withdrawal period. This was one of the products that worked well for my heart. I’ve been med free now for 8 months, no complications and loving it!  – Jill J. wrote on Amazon


High blood pressure is no laughing matter. If you’re in a situation where you need your blood pressure to come down, you know it’s tough to count on a Rx alone for results, plus there is always side effects of those meds. But what if there was a better way to get support?

There is . . . L-arginine Plus®. It’s been helping folks with REAL RESULTS when it comes to blood pressure for 10 years. It’s a great-tasting drink mix packed with amino acids and vitamins and minerals. It can be used with a Rx (discuss with your doctor first of course) and it works better than anything else out there.

“Great product. 71 yrs old. I credit this product with helping to keep my blood pressure within acceptable ranges!  – Robert M. wrote on Amazon

What is L-arginine?

L-arginine is the amazing amino acid behind the body’s ability to produce nitric oxide. It has been used in multiple ways in both the medical field to support cardiovascular health and in the fitness community to promote endurance and muscle development.

L-arginine offers an unrivaled ability to increase nitric oxide. By increasing nitric oxide, l-arginine is a key ingredient used to open the blood vessels to enable improved blood flow. L-arginine supports healthy blood pressure, improved circulation, better energy, improved nutrient and oxygen delivery, and supports healthy cholesterol. But to get the full benefits, l-arginine must be paired with the right support ingredients. 

“Love this . . .  and it really works . . . and tastes so good!  – Lisa K. wrote on Amazon

High Blood Pressure? You Deserve Real Results

L-arginine Plus® offers a unique approach that works quickly to help support healthy blood pressure faster than ever before.

Since l-arginine works so quickly, when used alone the body absorbs it without providing lasting results. L-arginine Plus® combines the rapid benefits of l-arginine with the longer-lasting l-citrulline and key vitamins and minerals that leads to fast results that last. There is no better solution to help get the support you’re looking for when it comes to blood pressure. 


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Get L-arginine Plus and See the Difference a Daily Drink Mix Can Make

L-arginine Plus® is an easy-to-use, easy-to-mix powder drink mix users drink just once a day. You get a great-tasting drink that offers significant health benefits with no side effects. Users love the flavor of L-arginine Plus® as much as they love the results. Order today and drink daily for noticeable improvements in your health including healthy blood pressure support.

L-arginine Plus® includes more of the ingredients that matter (l-arginine and l-citrulline), is made with Astragin® (a patented absorption ingredient), and tastes better than any other L-arginine supplement. Get L-arginine Plus® and you’re guaranteed results!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee with Every Purchase

“This is a Great product that keeps your BP down and the doctor’s baffling about how you are doing this without medication!” – Timothy W. wrote on Facebook.
“This has help our bp come down and helped us sleep at night.” – Timothy W. wrote on Facebook.
“I use it like a prescription medication, it is that effective. Godsend. Genius. Brilliant. Youthful.” – Pepper H. wrote on Facebook.
“GREAT PRODUCT!! Been using it for well over 2 years it has made a big difference in my life! Blood pressure is great thanks to l- arginine Plus!! – Louis P. wrote on Facebook.

L-arginine Increases Natural Nitric Oxide Production to Support Overall Heart Health & More!

Just 1 drink a day puts you back in control of your heart’s health, blood pressure, cholesterol, energy levels and supports your health in just about every way possible.

Supports Healthy Blood Pressure

Studies have shown l-arginine works by increasing nitric oxide in the body to open and expand the blood vessels. In some studies, l-arginine performed well in promoting blood pressure levels without the side effects, providing a natural supplement alternative for your health. More and more doctors are recommending their patients take l-arginine instead of traditional medication to get support for their blood pressure.

Whether or not you have high blood pressure currently, L-arginine Plus® can help keep your levels in check so you can avoid more serious health concerns that come from high blood pressure.

Promotes Better Circulation

Nitric oxide is critical for healthy circulation and healthy circulation is critical to overall health. By increasing nitric oxide levels, L-arginine Plus® naturally supports the arteries as they open and expand. This process enables better circulation and delivers significant benefits as it improves oxygen and nutrient delivery throughout the body.

Support Healthy Cholesterol

High bad cholesterol is often accompanied by high blood pressure. With reduced nitric oxide levels as we age, our arteries can become more constricted and less flexible. This means it is easier for cholesterol to build up in the arteries. By increasing the nitric oxide your body produces, L-arginine Plus® supports healthy cholesterol levels as it opens and expands the blood vessels.

Overall Cardiovascular Support and Health Support

By promoting nitric oxide production, L-arginine Plus® supports so many aspects of our health. L-arginine Plus® supports the heart as it helps reduce the strain to pump blood throughout the body. Users also notice improved recovery from injury, better energy levels, and overall improvements in their health while taking L-arginine Plus® daily.

Get the Results You’re Looking For

Say Goodbye to Side Effects and Hello to Real Results with the #1 Support Formula for Healthy Blood Pressure

L-arginine Plus® is not just a different approach to getting support for healthy blood pressure, it’s a BETTER approach. Every serving comes packed with the amino acids, vitamins, and minerals the body needs to maintain healthy blood pressure. You get what others can’t deliver:

A Complete Formula with Proven Amounts of Key Ingredients

L-arginine Plus® provides enough l-arginine, enough l-citrulline and the key vitamins and minerals the body needs so it actually works with just 1 drink a day. The premium formula gets to work rapidly in the body and the process last so there is a sustained difference in your results.

Astragin® for Better Absorption

Astragin® is clinically proven to deliver better absorption for the amino acids and vitamins in L-arginine Plus®. If you’re not seeing Astragin® on the label, you’re not going to get the best results possible. Without this, you may be wasting your money on l-arginine.

The Benefits of Both L-arginine and L-citrulline

Why do we combine l-arginine with l-citrulline? It’s for our customers. L-arginine is quickly absorbed in the body and gets working almost instantly to promote nitric oxide production. And while l-arginine is hard at work, l-citrulline takes a longer period of time to be absorbed and then utilized to produce nitric oxide. You get a sustained boost of nitric oxide production when taking both l-arginine and l-citrulline.

Don’t Settle When it Comes to Your Heart and Your Health

Proven Formula to Safely Support Healthy Blood Pressure Better than Any Other Product Available

L-arginine Plus has been helping folks for more than 10 years and now it’s time it helps you. L-arginine Plus is a proven nitric oxide booster that helps support the health of the heart by offering unmatched blood pressure support.

Each serving safely promotes nitric oxide production to open the blood vessels. This process takes significant pressure off the heart as it pumps blood throughout the body. And that means better blood pressure support.

L-arginine Plus provides the support everyone needs for better blood pressure results. And that means it helps your health overall.

Proven Formula to Safely Support Healthy Blood Pressure Better than Any Other Product Available

Proven Combination of Ingredients for Blood Pressure Support

L-arginine – L-arginine is a semi-essential amino acid. When we increase the l-arginine in our body, it is used to produce nitric oxide. It’s the increased nitric oxide that makes all the difference for your health.

L-citrulline – L-citrulline is another key amino acid. The body absorbs l-citrulline at a slower pace than l-arginine and converts it into l-arginine before it is utilized to produce nitric oxide. By including both in L-arginine Plus®, users see more sustained, more effective results than by taking l-arginine alone.

Astragin® – Astragin® is a trademarked and clinically proven ingredient that increase the absorption of l-arginine and l-citrulline. That means your body is actually using more of the l-arginine and l-citrulline to provide better results than without Astragin®.

Vitamins & Trace Minerals – We’ve also included key vitamins and trace minerals in L-arginine Plus® so you’re giving your heart all the support it needs. Each of the vitamins and minerals in L-arginine Plus provides improved support for healthy blood pressure and your heart overall.

Read What’s Being Said About L-arginine Plus

Captain Anthony T. Valdez

Fire Station 69 “A” Platoon

Los Angeles Fire Department

“I have been a firefighter for over 33 years and have been exposed to lack of sleep for many years. A side effect of this was an elevated blood pressure. A leading cause of firefighter illnesses are cardiac related. I was always looking for a product that was not pharmaceutical to assist me in controlling my blood pressure, and then I stumbled across I-Arginine Plus when a co-worker brought some in for us to try. In the past I tried to control my blood pressure through diet. I was moderately effective. After two weeks of using this product, I have lowered my Systolic number and my Diastolic number. A welcome side effect of this product may also be an increased amount of energy too. I’m not sure what other products of this type taste like, but the grape flavor is pleasant. If you are looking for a product that may actually work in controlling an elevated BP, you may want to give I-Arginine Plus a try.”

“I have been using L-arginine Plus® for years and find it to be an OUTSTANDING WAY FOR ME TO MAINTAIN HEALTHY BLOOD PRESSURE. The product is of the highest quality and is easy to use. There is also a choice of great flavors.” – Rick Barry

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