Having problems with inflammation? Learn how nitric oxide and inflammation work together – and how it can benefit your blood pressure and health.

When we think of inflammation, we usually think of negative experiences. However, unless it happens on a regular basis, the condition is actually helpful for your body.

One thing that affects it is a process called vasodilation – or blood vessel dilation – and nitric oxide is a natural vasodilator. The following article explains vasodilation, how nitric oxide affects it, and its connection to inflammation.

What is Vasodilation?

nitric oxide and inflammation When the smooth muscles in your arterial walls relax, your blood vessels widen in a process called vasodilation. As a result, blood vessels become more open, which leads to an increase in circulation and lower blood pressure.

For the most part, vasodilation is good for the body as it helps blood, oxygen, and nutrients to get where they need to be. Everyone experiences vasodilation naturally; however, sometimes it can be part of a health issue.

Causes of Vasodilation

There are various factors that affect vasodilation and trigger the process. Some of these include alcohol, exercise, and temperature.

One of these factors is nitric oxide, a natural compound that naturally induces vasodilation, helping to improve blood flow. In cases where you need to artificially bring about vasodilation, a doctor may prescribe vasodilator drugs or recommend nitric oxide supplements.

In addition to these factors, another cause behind vasodilation is inflammation. If you experience injuries or have certain conditions, your body will start to swell around the affected parts. Vasodilation is a part of this inflammatory process as it helps blood flow to get to the affected area. Moreover, this increase in blood is what results in a warm feeling and redness usually linked to inflammation.

Inflammation and Vasodilation

While we usually associate inflammation with something bad, it’s actually a natural process meant to help the body. As it increases blood flow and permeability of the blood vessel walls, it helps immune cells reach the affected areas.

The purpose of inflammation is to help the body get rid of foreign invaders. However, when it happens as a result of a severe allergic reaction or a chronic inflammatory disease, it can be harmful. Your body will usually experience vasodilation and inflammation when you have an injury, infection, allergic reaction, or chronic disease. In the case of the latter, you should talk to your doctor about ways to treat your conditions and alleviate the symptoms.

Nitric Oxide and Inflammation

L-arginine PlusAs a natural compound that causes vasodilation, nitric oxide helps the positive aspects of inflammation. Nitric oxide helps the body get the blood flow and immune cells it needs in times of injury and disease.

However, sometimes the body doesn’t produce enough of these compounds on its own. As a result, doctors will prescribe vasodilator drugs or suggest you take nitric oxide supplements to help boost your nitric oxide.

One of the most popular nitric oxide supplements available is L-arginine Plus. Its main ingredients, l-arginine and l-citrulline, are precursors to nitric oxide and increase the amount in a safe and effective way.

As a result, the supplement will promote your circulation, blood pressure, and overall heart health. Try L-arginine Plus if you want an easy way to boost your nitric oxide and circulatory health.