Wholesale Accounts with Elements of Health Care, LLC

Elements of Health Care, the makers of L-arginine Plus® wants to work with you as a wholesale customer. We’ve developed an innovative product in L-arginine Plus® that customers love for so many reasons. We’ve built a loyal customer base with this product alone and are looking to partner with locally-owned health food stores, nutrition locations, natural practitioners, chiropractors, and others to help bring in more loyal customers with a product they’ll love.

We are open to working with both domestic and international partners as wholesale customers and encourage you to get started below.

Our customers are looking to purchase from local stores, often more so than they do online. We reach a large number of customers who contact us to purchase the product locally. We understand the trust a local store has with its customers and would love to offer our line of products in your store.

We are dedicated to bringing additional high-quality, effective products to market to further increase the products our wholesale partners can offer to their customers.

Thanks for your interest in partnering with Elements of Health Care.

Why Offer L-arginine Plus® to Your Customers

L-arginine Plus® has been specifically developed to help support healthy blood pressure, circulation, cholesterol, energy levels, and more.

This formula is extremely popular and has been helping folks for close to a decade with their heart health. Our customers are seeing results and are extremely loyal because of those results and benefits.

L-arginine Plus® features a combination of l-arginine and l-citrulline along with key vitamins and nutrients. Users find it effectively helps increase nitric oxide levels (it’s based on a Nobel Prize-Winning Medical Breakthrough). By increasing nitric oxide levels, users are seeing impressive results when it comes to their blood pressure, circulation, and cholesterol. Users are able to measure their results beforehand and then compare the difference after using L-arginine Plus®. The results speak for themselves for our customers and keep them coming back month after month.

L-arginine Plus® would make a great product for your store or business because customers become loyal after seeing those results and that loyalty extends to loyalty for our wholesale customers.

Why Choose to Sell L-arginine Plus®

L-arginine Plus® is a fantastic product with more than 75% of customers ordering 2 or more times, some many more. By offering L-arginine Plus®, you’re offering your customers an effective product while also improving your opportunity to increase revenue. L-arginine Plus® is being sold in local stores throughout the country and we know it’s going to help you and your store too, as well as your customers.