Spring is upon us and summer is just around the corner. Outdoor parties and grilling are coming along too. Grilling and barbecuing can add some fun to your mealtime plans. Find ways to grill healthy this summer doesn’t have to be difficult–it can add some variety and flavor!

7 Ways to Grill Healthy this Summer

1. Portion Control

We all know that one person who tries to find the biggest steak, grill it up, and challenge themselves to eat it. It may create some laughs, but it’s not the best option for ways to grill healthy this summer.

The healthy portion of meat for an individual is between 3-6 ounces. You can fill the rest of your plate with tasty vegetables and other side dishes.

2. Bring on the Color

For people who aren’t the biggest fans of vegetables, grilling them may make them change their minds. Adding some seasoning, olive oil, and flames to vegetables can bring out different flavors and textures.

Having a variety of colors means there will be differing flavors and it’ll make your plate look pretty. More than that, vegetables are a key part of a balanced diet.

You can throw vegetables and your meat onto a kebab and have all the flavors blend a little more.

3. Cut Out Fat

Meat tends to be more flavorful when there is more fat on it. Take rib eye steak for example; the more marbled, the better.

However, having meats high in fat can be detrimental to your heart health. Eating too much fat, as much as you may like it, can clog your arteries.

Taking off the skin from chicken, cutting off visible excess fat from steaks, and choosing leaner meats are easy ways to grill healthy this summer.

Additionally, substituting turkey meat for burgers or salmon steaks can help you be creative with your grilling as well as healthy.

4. Marinate Your Meat

Each BBQ master has his/her own rub or marinade that makes their meat special. Combining spices, oils, and/or vinegars can make you look like a BBQ master.

Marinating meat also decreases the amount of salt you put on your food. Salt does bring out the flavor, but not as much as spices and herbs.

Eating too much salt can negatively affect your heart health, so try to experiment and up your BBQ game by making your own special rub or marinade.

5. Leave the Sauce Behind

Another positive aspect of using rubs is that you do not have to use sauces or condiments which can be quite high in salt and sugar content.

Ketchup and BBQ sauce are mostly used for plain burgers that do not have much seasoning. Eliminating this problem with real flavor can reduce your sugar and salt intake.

6. Go Whole Grain

If you’re like most people, eating a bun with your hot dog or hamburger is a must. Unfortunately, most buns are white bread and quite starchy and sugary.

When you’re picking out your buns, go for a whole grain option. They don’t taste much different than white bread buns but will help to keep your heart healthier.

7. Grill Up Fruit for Dessert

Summon your Brazilian side and try some grilled fruit for your dessert. Brazilians grill pineapple and bananas, but you can also try apples, peaches, and pears.

The sugar that’s naturally in the fruit will caramelize from the flames and create and even sweeter, somewhat crispy exterior.

Fruit makes for a sweet treat after a savory meal that is inexpensive, low in calories and is perfect for a warm summer night.