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Defending Against Joint Pain

In the United States, 23% of all adults, or over 54 million people, have arthritis. There are also many people who suffer from joint pain due to injuries. What causes joint pain? Over time, cartilage

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What to Do for Your Heart in Your 40s

On average, in the United States, coronary artery disease (CAD) will take a life every minute this year. Heart disease is responsible for about one out of every three deaths in the United States. When

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How to Avoid a Heart Attack

It’s estimated that an American has a heart attack every 40 seconds! However, tens of thousands of Americans survive heart attacks each year. The CDC’s latest statistics show that every year approximately

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High Cholesterol Foods to Avoid

More than 102 million American adults have total cholesterol levels at or above 200 mg/dl which is considered unhealthy. Approximately 35 million of these people have levels of 240 mg/dl or higher putting

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L-arginine and Blood Pressure

Fighting high blood pressure seems like a never-ending battle. Without taking the right steps, it can also be dangerous. More and more folks are beginning to realize l-arginine can offer significant help

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Heart Healthy Environment – How Does Your Environment Impact Your Heart

Your Environment and Your Heart – What Does it Take to Be in a Heart Healthy Environment New findings (1) were released earlier this month about how certain environmental factors can affect heart

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Take Care of Your Heart, What Can You Do Daily?

The best way you can take care of your heart is by living a healthy lifestyle.  While that may seem like it is obvious, more and more people fail to live a healthy lifestyle, and many folks aren’t

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Cholesterol Levels and Age

Cholesterol is a battle many people seem to lose as they age. But it’s critical to take control and understand how cholesterol changes as we age. “The key is to have normal cholesterol levels throughout

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Benefits of Colloidal Silver

While at UCLA Medical School in the 1980s, Larry C. Ford, MD, documented over 650 different disease-causing pathogens that were destroyed in minutes when exposed to small amounts of silver. That discovery

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How to Keep a Heart-Healthy Lifestyle at Your Summer Celebrations

Summer is here! To many people, summer means vacations, spending time at the pool or beach, family reunions, barbeques, boating, camping, tennis, golf, and other recreational activities. Here are some

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