Are you a woman looking to improve her health? Learn about the common heart health mistakes women make most – and how to avoid them.

While heart disease is the leading cause of death in U.S. women, there is a misconception that the disease mostly affects men. To illustrate, women are typically more worried about breast cancer, even though they are 8x more likely to die of cardiovascular disease.

For this reason, it’s essential that women understand all their risk factors and how they increase their risk of heart disease. The following is an overview of common heart health mistakes women make most and how they can avoid them.

1. Knowing When to Get Your Blood Pressure Checked

Even though being in tune with your body is great, there are some risk factors that can evade your senses. For instance, high cholesterol and high blood pressure are leading factors in developing heart disease – and they present no symptoms.

To clarify, you may experience some symptoms, but only in rare cases and usually when the condition is already advanced. Therefore, it’s important that you regularly check your blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar with your doctor.

2. Having a Treadmill or Exercise Bike

Common Heart Health Mistakes Women Make MostThere is nothing inherently wrong with having either a treadmill or stationary exercise bike in your home. However, if you get bored from using it, you’re likelier to skip your workouts and not do them at all.

Instead of choosing the “convenience” of at-home exercise equipment, pick a fun activity that you enjoy doing. For instance, you can play a sport that you like, join a dance class, or go exercise with a friend.

3. Thinking Pregnancy Problems End with Birth

When you’re pregnant, you may develop certain health conditions like diabetes, gestational hypertension, or preeclampsia. While you may hope they go away once your child is born, the truth is that they can increase your risk for heart issues later in life.

It’s important to be aware of your conditions and give your healthcare provider a full health history. That way, they have the necessary information to help you with your individual needs.

The Outlook

These are just three common mistakes women make regarding their heart health. However, there are plenty of things women (and men) do that affects their heart and overall health.

l-arginine plusFor example, smoking is a leading cause of heart disease; e-cigarettes and vapes may also increase the risk of heart problems. For this reason, it’s important that you know all your risk factors, how to improve them, and what the symptoms of heart disease look like.

To give your heart health a better shot, you should be exercising regularly, eating healthily, and taking supplements like L-arginine Plus. Its ingredients are effective at promoting circulation, blood pressure health, cholesterol health, and more.

Give your heart health the support it deserves by being aware of your risk factors and taking L-arginine Plus.