Fried food may increase your risk of heart disease. Learn about the connection between eating fried food and heart health.

According to a recent meta-analysis, eating fried foods may lead to a higher risk of major cardiovascular events. In the study, researchers analyzed the results of 19 studies: 17 about major cardiovascular events and 6 about all forms of mortality. The results are available in Heart and show that the risk rises with each additional weekly serving weighing 4 oz.

Western diet is low in fruits and vegetables while high in processed meats and saturated fats, increasing heart disease risk. Researchers specifically studied fried foods and how they affect cardiovascular health.

Frying Food and Its Effects

While eating fried foods can be tempting because of their taste, they are high in calories. These foods usually contain fats that increase the “bad” LDL cholesterol and reduce “good” HDL cholesterol. Furthermore, the frying process increases the production of chemical byproducts that affect the body’s inflammatory response.

In the past, fried foods were linked with obesity, type 2 diabetes, coronary artery disease, and hypertension – but not cardiovascular disease; at least, not consistently. For this reason, the scientists set out to definitively prove the connection between these types of food and heart disease.

How Food Affects Heart Disease

fried food and heart healthAccording to their study, researchers show that eating fried foods increases the risk of major cardiovascular events by 28%. Moreover, the risk of coronary heart disease increases by 22% and the risk of heart failure by 37%. Their findings also suggest that with each additional 4 oz. weekly serving of fried food, the risk increases.

However, researchers found no association between fried food and death from any cause. They note that this may be due to limited evidence and inconsistency in previous findings that future research may clarify.

The Need for More Research

While researchers looked at the effects of one type of fried food, looking at the total fried food intake may provide better insight. Moreover, the studies were relying on their respondents’ memories, which may affect have impacted the figures.

In addition to eating fried foods, other factors that go hand in hand may also be contributing to the increase. For example, those who eat fried foods also have a tendency to drink more sugary drinks, high-sodium foods, and more. According to the researchers, more research is necessary to fully link fried food to the risk of cardiovascular disease.

The Outlook

L-arginine PlusEating fried foods may be increasing your risk of cardiovascular events, but more research is necessary to confirm. However, we know that eating a healthy diet full of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains can improve your heart health.

If you want to start taking care of your health, you don’t need to wait around – start now. Begin by exercising regularly and eating healthily; for example, you can follow the DASH diet.

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