Looking for ways to improve your brain health? The following are four good brain exercises you can try at home to help keep you mentally sharp.

Taking care of your brain health is just as important as taking care of your heart and other areas of your body. While doing strength exercises helps build your muscles, activities that improve memory and focus are a top priority for your brain. One way to help your brain is by incorporating a few simple exercises into your daily life.

According to studies, there are various ways to increase your mental sharpness and keep your brain healthy. By improving your memory, concentration, and focus, you can also improve your daily tasks and keep your brain sharp. The following are four exercises with a scientific basis that can offer some of the best benefits for your brain.

1. Jigsaw Puzzles

It doesn’t matter if you’re working on a 100-piece or 1,000-piece puzzle – doing jigsaw puzzles helps strengthen your brain. Studies show that they bring out multiple cognitive abilities and serve as a protective factor for visuospatial cognitive aging. In other words, by looking at the different pieces and figuring out where they fit in the larger picture, you can challenge and strengthen your brain.

Good Brain Exercises2. Card Games

Studies suggest that a quick game of cards can result in greater brain volume in several regions of the brain. Moreover, card games may also improve memory and thinking skills, making them a great brain exercise for adults. Some examples of good card games for your brain include solitaire, bridge, gin rummy, poker, hearts, and crazy eights.

3. Rich Vocabulary

In addition to making you sound smart, having a rich vocabulary can help stimulate your brain as you learn more. Vocabulary tasks affect multiple regions of the brain, specifically the areas that focus on visual and auditory processing. For an activity, keep track of unfamiliar words, look up the definition, and use them five times the next day.

4. Learn to Dance

According to the CDC, learning new dance moves helps to increase your brain’s processing speed and memory. If you like moving and want to improve your brain health, then take a salsa, hip-hop, or contemporary dance class. You can also take a Zumba or jazz exercise class if you want to work out your brain and body.

The Outlook

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