Your blood pressure may be affecting more than just your heart. Learn about the connection between high blood pressure and your eyes.

High blood pressure (also known as hypertension) is a significant risk factor in the development of heart and kidney disease. However, did you know that if your hypertension goes unmanaged, it can also damage your eyes?

The following is an overview of the different ways hypertension can affect your eyes and what you can do about it.

High Blood Pressure and Your Eyes

High Blood Pressure and Your EyesWhen there is a shortage of circulation to your retina, it can result in blurry vision and even blindness. This condition, called retinopathy, is a result of blood vessel damage that can happen to individuals with hypertension or diabetes. If you have hypertensive retinopathy, the only way to treat it is by managing your blood pressure levels.

You may also experience choroidopathy, which is when fluid builds up under your retina (the light-sensitive tissue at the back of your eyeball). As a result, your vision can become distorted and may even become scarred in some cases.

High blood pressure may also lead to nerve damage, a condition known as optic neuropathy. When blood can’t flow effectively, it can damage your optic nerve and even kill the nerve cells; this can lead to temporary or permanent loss of vision.

Finally, hypertension can result in a stroke and, in turn, this stroke can cause vision loss. A stroke can damage the optic nerve and part of the brain responsible for processing images.

Preventing Eye Damage

The best way to prevent vision damage related to hypertension is to reduce your blood pressure to within a normal range. While there is no cure for hypertension, making certain lifestyle changes and taking medications can help you manage it.

The first step is knowing your numbers by getting your blood pressure checked at the doctor’s office, a pharmacy, or with an at-home monitor. Once you know your numbers, you can talk to your healthcare provider about ways to lower your levels if necessary.

Some lifestyle changes that can help you include eating a well-balanced diet that’s low in salt, limiting your alcohol intake, and exercising regularly. In addition, you can manage your stress, maintain a healthy weight, avoid smoking, and take medications as prescribed.

The Outlook

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