Working to improve your blood pressure levels and health? Find out how to get good blood pressure from experts in the field.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), hypertension (high blood pressure) affects nearly 50% of U.S. adults. Moreover, there has been a decline in high blood pressure awareness as well as treatment.

Dr. Jagdish Khubchandani, MBBS, Ph.D., a professor of public health at New Mexico State University, explains that “normal blood pressure is an indicator of and vital for proper blood flow from the heart to the body organs and tissues.” Don’t be another statistic; instead, follow the following expert tips to improve your blood pressure health.

1. Maintaining Healthy Blood Pressure

How to Get Good Blood PressureWhile the guidelines for what’s considered hypertension have changed over the years, it’s still important to maintain them at the recommended levels. It’s also important to check your blood pressure on a regular basis. According to Khubchandani, “many people with high blood pressure may not even have symptoms in early stages of hypertension.”

2. Hypertension Factors

There are various risk factors linked to high blood pressure, including behavioral and lifestyle, sociodemographic, and health conditions. “Lifestyle habits and behavioral issues have emerged as leading risk factors (e.g. too much alcohol use, smoking, body weight, salt consumption, and stress),” says Khubchandani. Other factors include age, sex, race, family history, genetics, kidney disease, sleep apnea, thyroid disease, adrenal tumors, and more.

3. Hypotension Factors

In contrast to hypertension, hypotension happens when your blood pressure drops too low. Some factors associated with hypotension include blood loss, dehydration, pregnancy, severe infections, weak or failing heart, and more. “In such conditions, due to low pressure, adequate blood does not flow to body organs and tissues,” explains Khubchandani.

4. When Your Blood Pressure Isn’t “Good”

“Abnormal blood pressure is a major cause of years of life lost, morbidity, and mortality,” says Khubchandani. Hypertension is a significant risk factor in heart disease, which is the leading cause of death in the U.S.

“Adequate blood pressure ensures that blood flows to body organs and tissues to bring nourishment and oxygen,” notes Khubchandani. “In the absence of blood flow due to low pressure, tissues and cells may die.”

What You Can Do

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