Athletes may enhance their exercise performance with this supplement. Here are 3 l-citrulline workout benefits that are supported by science.

L-citrulline (or simply citrulline) is a nonessential amino acid that serves various functions such as increasing nitric oxide production. Individuals who take citrulline supplements usually do so to boost their circulation, stamina, and overall heart health. Various studies have found that citrulline may provide multiple benefits when it comes to blood pressure, heart health, and more.

While the body naturally makes this amino acid, some people may experience a reduction in their levels. For instance, citrulline deficiencies have been noted in people with depression, inflammation, high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction, and cardiovascular disease. In other words, l-citrulline supplementation may benefit those with deficiencies or those who want an extra boost.

As a precursor to l-arginine, citrulline helps increase the production of nitric oxide, a molecule that improves circulation. In other words, by taking l-citrulline supplements, you are essentially promoting your blood flow and blood pressure health.

However, it also provides other benefits that may directly impact your exercise performance. Read on to learn about the various l-citrulline workout benefits and how this supplement can enhance your fitness.

1. Exercise Capacity

L-Citrulline Workout BenefitsTaking citrulline supplements may enhance your aerobic and anaerobic performance by increasing your ATP and recycling your bicarbonates. ATP is an energy production molecule that supports exercise performance and recycling bicarbonates helps reduce muscle fatigue. In addition, supplements may help your performance by reducing the amount of ammonia in your body during exercise.

2. Muscle Soreness

When you perform strenuous workouts, your ammonia and hydrogen ions build up, leading to muscular soreness and fatigue. However, studies suggest that citrulline may help reduce post-exercise fatigue in addition to increasing ATP levels during workouts. Furthermore, findings show that l-citrulline may help improve post-workout recovery by improving muscle protein synthesis.

3. Improves Oxygen Delivery

Nitric oxide is a vasodilator that relaxes blood vessels and improves overall blood flow and circulation. Since proper circulation is necessary for the efficient delivery of nutrients and oxygen throughout the body, citrulline can help by promoting nitric oxide production. In fact, various studies show that taking citrulline can help increase nitric oxide and decrease blood pressure levels by boosting circulation.

The Outlook

l-arginine plusIf you have a citrulline deficiency, it’s a good idea to look into supplements to help make up the difference. Still, if you are a healthy individual, taking supplements may help increase your nitric oxide and enhance your workout performance.

When choosing a supplement, you can go for one that is strictly citrulline or one that combines it with additional ingredients. For example, L-arginine Plus combines l-citrulline with l-arginine and a variety of vitamins and minerals to further boost your health.

If you’re looking for a way to effectively support your heart and fitness, then give your health what it deserves and take L-arginine Plus.