Looking for a way to improve your skin health, hair health, and overall health? Here are 15 larginine benefits for your skin, hair, and health.

L-arginine, also called larginine and arginine, is a non-essential amino acid produced by the body.

A significant amount of it is produced by the body, but sometimes the body isn’t able to produce as much as it’s necessary.

In addition, several factors affect how much l-arginine your body produces such as age, diet, health conditions, genetics, and more.

As a result, production of this amino acid decreases with age, which makes it all the more important to take supplements as you get older.

L-arginine offers multiple benefits related to the skin, hair, and overall health – and here are 15 l-arginine benefits that you could be enjoying right now.

Skin Benefits

Larginine 1. Anti-Aging

L-arginine enhances the release of anti-aging human growth hormone, slowing down our aging process.

2. Wound Healing

Interestingly, it helps form L-proline, which promotes collagen formation and speeds up wound recovery.

3. Repairs Skin

Skin care products with l-arginine and other anti-bacterials help fix environmental damage to the skin.

Hair Benefits

4. Hair Loss

By improving blood flow to the scalp and base of hair follicles, it curbs hair loss and promotes hair growth.

5. Damaged Hair

It protects the hair from harsh heat and harmful chemicals, which is why hair coloring products usually have it.

Health Benefits

6. Heart Health

When consumed, it converts into nitric oxide which improves overall circulation and helps alleviate heart conditions.

Larginine7. Blood Pressure

By improving circulation, it helps people with high blood pressure reach healthy levels.

8. Libido Enhancer

One of the main L arginine benefits for men is improved fertility and dilation of the blood vessels, which increases blood flow.

9. Bladder Inflammation

L-arginine supports function of the kidneys in transplant patients and controls bladder inflammation.

10. Weight Loss

L-arginine helps create a stronger metabolism and increases plasma insulin the system, which supports muscle build-up even at rest.

11. Immune System

With its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, it helps provide protection to our body from foreign threats.

12. System Detox

As a natural detoxifier, it helps lower ammonia in the blood and supports our metabolic processes.

13. Athletic Boost

By improving overall circulation, l-arginine provides muscle cells with oxygen and essential nutrients.

14. Cancer Prevention

L-arginine is tied to its immune-boosting properties. As a result, arginine supplements are prescribed to patients undergoing chemotherapy.

15. Migraine Relief

Obviously, no one likes the splitting headaches and nausea that accompany migraines. Fortunately, this amino acid is known to offer relief to even the worst of migraines.

The Best L-arginine Supplement

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