If you’re working overtime at the office, listen up! A 2019 study suggests that long work hours and high blood pressure are connected. The study found that people who work more than 40 hours per week in white-collar jobs have higher blood pressure than those who do not.

The Study

The study included over 3,500 Canadian insurance workers. The American Heart Association summarizes the study:

“For the study, more than 3,500 Canadian insurance industry workers had their clinic blood pressure (CBP) and ambulatory blood pressure (ABP) checked at three time points during five years. The workers also reported weekly working hours: 21 to 34; 35 to 40; 41 to 48; or 49 or more.

Those who reported working 41 to 48 hours or 49 or more hours per week had a higher prevalence of both masked hypertension (CBP <140/90 mmHg and ABP ≥135/85 mmHg) and sustained hypertension (CBP ≥ 140/90 mmHg and ABP ≥135/85 mmHg) than workers who reported 40 or fewer weekly working hours.”

The Conclusion

The study had some interesting results! The study reported on sustained hypertension, which is the typical ailment you think of when you hear the words high blood pressure. It also reported on a condition called masked hypertension, which means that blood pressure readings are normal when taken at doctor office visits but are higher at other times.

This study found links between long work hours and high blood pressure. Those who work 49 or more hours per week have a 70% greater risk of masked hypertension and 66 % greater risk of sustained hypertension. Further, working between 41 and 48 hours showed a 54% increase in masked hypertension and 42% increase in sustained hypertension. In addition, these findings took into account job strain, age, sex, education level, occupation, smoking status, BMI, and other relevant health factors.

How to Lower High Blood Pressure

If you work long hours, here are a few ways to lower your blood pressure:

  • Shed extra pounds if you’re overweight: Losing weight takes stress off of your heart.
  • Exercise every day: Exercising is one of the very best ways to strengthen your circulatory system. Exercise helps your arteries stay flexible and keeps blood pressure low.
  • Reduce sodium intake: High sodium diets often lead to heart problems. Try to eat less processed foods, premade meals, and restaurant food. Season your food with herbs and spices and salt lightly.
  • Keep stress in check: You’re probably very stressed at your job! To cut down your stress levels, meditate, do yoga, and seek to relax for a few moments every day.
  • Measure your blood pressure at home: Measuring your blood pressure can help keep you on track. If you wait for your yearly doctor appointment to take your blood pressure, you might have already damaged your circulatory system.
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