One of the best ways to maintain good heart health is by following the advice from the experts. Here is new dietary guidance for heart health.

According to a new report from the American Heart Association (AHA), balance is the key when it comes to heart health. “The focus is really on what people should be eating, so they can customize it to their personal preferences and lifestyles,” says Alice H. Lichtenstein, who led the writing committee for the American Heart Association scientific statement.

While it’s consistent with federal dietary guidelines, the report also emphasizes the latest research on reducing heart disease risk. Lichtenstein says it focuses on “the whole package” of your diet instead of worrying about single food items.

“If we increase our intake of one thing in our diets, we tend to decrease our intake of something else,” says Lichtenstein. “And both the increase in one dietary component and decrease in another dietary component can have independent effects. What’s really important is the balance of everything together that has the biggest impact on cardiovascular health.”

Heart-Healthy Patterns

New Dietary Guidance for Heart HealthAccording to the report, you should focus on having heart-healthy dietary patterns that boost your health. For example, you should be eating a variety of fruits and vegetables and choose healthy sources of proteins. You should also consume whole grains over refined grain products, use liquid plant oils over tropical oils, and more.

The report also avoids giving calorie counts and considers that everyone’s needs vary depending on individual factors like age. “If you are physically active, you have a little more flexibility in terms of what you eat,” says Lichtenstein.

Furthermore, co-author Maya Vadiveloo explains that “the goal is to make sure all of those calories count and that you’re consuming nutrient-dense foods.” While eating out used to be a treat, Vadiveloo says that prepared foods are more common in American diets nowadays. “It’s much more of a regular part of almost every person’s dietary pattern.”

In addition to considering current dietary habits, the report also emphasizes nutrition education at an early age. “This will ensure children have the basic facts and can draw on these as they develop into independent adults, making their own choices.”

The Outlook

L-arginine PlusAccording to Lichtenstein, “it’s not all of one thing and none of another. It’s the balance among your choices in terms of diet and, ultimately, lifestyle.” As you choose what becomes part of your diet, consider the overall picture instead of focusing on single foods.

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