Meeting your cardiologist and don’t know what to ask? The following are some of the best questions to ask about heart health.

According to a 2018 report in Circulation, half of all Americans have cardiovascular disease (CVD). In other words, meeting with your cardiologist (doctors who specialize in heart health) is of the utmost importance.

By making a list of questions to ask, you’ll be better prepared to understand your heart health and how they can help you. The following is a list of some of the best questions to ask about heart health and why they’re important.

1. What’s my risk for future cardiovascular issues?

Questions to Ask About Heart HealthBy understanding your risk factors, you’ll be able to prioritize the aspects of your health that are affecting you the most. Cardiologists use various types of risk calculators to determine your risk of developing heart disease. While this information may not always be perfect, it serves as a great starting point for your health.

2. What symptoms should I be aware of regarding my condition?

Heart disease is a big umbrella term and each condition will manifest different symptoms if the condition worsens. For example, many people will automatically expect chest pains if they get a heart attack. However, many people (especially women) experience different symptoms such as shortness of breath or nausea.

3. How important is it to try new treatments?

There is a good middle ground between trying out every new technique and not trying anything new at all. For instance, there are new and unique procedures that increase survival compared to conventional treatments. In other words, while your doctor shouldn’t necessarily be the first to try something new, they should definitely not be the last.

4. What’s the purpose of this test?

Some cardiologists will order tests to be comprehensive, even if they won’t necessarily change your treatment. You should ask your doctor about a test’s accuracy and if it will lead to a specific recommendation or change in your treatment. Moreover, you should always ask what the test involves and what you will experience.

5. How will this medication help me?

If you want to learn the pros and cons of certain medications, it’s always better to ask your physician than your friends or social media. Some people will take or avoid certain medications based on incomplete information they found online. Instead, talk to your doctor about the benefits of certain medications and how to deal with side effects if they occur.

The Outlook

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