Having high blood pressure can affect your body in various ways, but specifically, what does high blood pressure do to you?

Millions of Americans suffer from high blood pressure (hypertension), a condition that increases your risk of heart disease. Because hypertension affects your blood flow, it also affects other parts of your body like your brain and kidneys. The following is an overview of how hypertension can affect your body.


Normally, arteries have a smooth inner lining and are strong and flexible enough to circulate blood throughout the body. However, hypertension causes extra force, which damages them, leads to plaque buildup, and may even result in aneurysms.


Since the heart is a muscle, it also needs blood, and insufficient amounts can cause irregular heartbeats, chest pain, and heart attacks. In addition, the heart has to work harder if the arteries are stiff or clogged, leading to heart failure.


What Does High Blood Pressure Do to You?You have arteries in your brain, and when they tear, leak, or get clogged, it can stop blood from reaching your brain cells. As a result, you may experience problems with your vision, language, movement, and may even have a stroke.


Since kidneys rely on healthy blood vessels to provide them with oxygen and nutrients, it’s not surprising that 1 in 5 people with hypertension have kidney disease. Healthy kidneys also play an important role in maintaining your blood pressure in check, so unhealthy kidneys can worsen your blood pressure.


Having long-term hypertension can damage the blood vessels in your eyes, letting fluid build up and affecting your vision. Moreover, you can lose your sight if your optic nerve is not getting enough blood.


Hypertension and poor circulation can reduce the amount of blood your sexual organs get. In other words, hypertension may lead to erectile dysfunction in men as well as reduce sex drive for women.

Legs, Hips, and Stomach

If you feel pain or cramps in the lower part of your body (especially the legs), it may be due to narrow and blocked arteries. Known as peripheral artery disease (PAD), this condition can lead to sore legs and hips and fatigue after walking.

Problems with High Blood Pressure

The Outlook

l-arginine plusIn addition to these body parts, hypertension can affect your bone strength and even lead to sleep apnea. For these reasons, it’s important that you take care of your blood pressure health. While most commonly linked to heart disease, high blood pressure can also decrease your quality of life.

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