Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the country, so what can you do to prevent it? The following are 7 ways to lower your heart disease risk.

When it comes to lowering your heart disease risk, there are some factors that you can’t control like your age or family history. Still, there is a lot you can do to lower your chances of getting heart disease. The following are 7 ways to lower your heart disease risk.

1. Cholesterol Levels

While the body does need a certain amount of cholesterol, too much can increase your risk of heart disease. To help maintain healthy cholesterol levels, limit the number of fried foods, saturated fats and oils, and high-fat animal products you consume.

2. Blood Pressure

7 Ways To Lower Your Heart Disease RiskOver 50 million people in the U.S. have high blood pressure (hypertension), which makes this the most common risk factor for heart disease. To help control it, you’ll need to exercise regularly, eat healthily, avoid too much sodium consumption, and take medicine if prescribed.

3. Physical Activity

If you don’t exercise on a regular basis you are more likely to get heart disease and die from it compared to an active person. Talk to your doctor if you need help getting started. Experts typically recommend at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise per week.

4. Weight Management

Calculate your BMI (body mass index) to determine if you’re overweight or obese. If you are, then start working on losing weight. The American Heart Association (AHA) provides tips to help you get started. You can start improving your blood pressure by losing as little as 10 pounds.

5. Smoking

Another factor that increases your risk of heart disease is smoking. In fact, people who smoke are twice as likely to have a heart attack than nonsmokers. Smoking also increases your risk of blood clots and the likelihood of dying from a heart attack.

6. Blood Sugar

Maintaining your blood sugar at healthy levels is essential for preventing heart disease. To do this, avoid sugary treats like candy and soda and keep up your exercise routine (or start one if you don’t exercise regularly). Also, make sure you follow your doctor’s directions if you have diabetes.

7. Diet

By planning your meals in advance, it will be easier to eat healthily as you won’t have to make a fast-food run. In addition to your big meals, make sure you have healthy snacks around so you’ll reach for pre-cut fruits and veggies instead of cookies and chips in between meals.

Additional Tips

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