Walking is good for your health – but what’s better: a treadmill or the outdoors? Learn about the benefits of walking on the treadmill.

According to studies, walking in nature can bring you good vibes while also altering your terrain and providing health benefits. However, while walking in the outdoors provides certain benefits, using a treadmill also comes with its own perks. The following is an overview of how treadmills affect your body and the benefits of walking on the treadmill.

1. Challenging Your Muscles

Since there is much less friction on a treadmill than on the ground, your muscles will be less challenged.  Moreover, the lack of wind resistance and consistent forward motion also reduces your muscle activity. Nevertheless, you can maximize your workout by increasing the incline, which will greatly benefit your heart and muscles.

2. Gaining Balance

Even though walking outdoors challenges your body more, walking on a treadmill can still improve your overall balance. To focus on balance improvement, try switching between forward and backward walking – just make sure you’re doing it safely.

3. Full-Body Workout

Benefits of Walking On the TreadmillSince walking outdoors provides unique challenges like varying slopes with inclines and declines, it engages your muscles differently. As a result, using a treadmill will not provide a full-body workout the way walking in nature can. Furthermore, if you use the handrails on a treadmill instead of swinging your arms, you reduce your calorie burn and negatively affect your posture.

4. Dizziness

Another negative impact of using the handrails is that it turns off your internal balance system, making you feel dizzy once you step off the treadmill. So if you want to avoid this side effect, make sure you take your hands off the treadmill and walk at a slower pace.

5. Heart Fitness

Using the treadmill in the “right way” can deliver a cardiovascular workout for your heart health.

Start off with a 5-minute slow pace warm-up, then 2-minute fast pace, 1-minute slow pace, and repeat for 20 minutes. Also, remember to cool down at a slow pace at the end for 3 minutes to avoid injury.

6. Focus and Goals

One of the perks of using a treadmill is the ability to track your goals and numbers with ease. As a result, you can set goals and see how you’re improving over time, leading to better exercise habits.

The Outlook

l-arginine plusWhile going for walks in nature provides certain benefits, using a treadmill can also help improve your health. By knowing how to maximize your treadmill exercises, you’ll be on your way to better cardiovascular health in no time.

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